Friday, November 14, 2008

My First Love

I don't even remember the day I met her, I just feel she's always been there. She was older than me but she spoke to me in a way that I could always understand. Shes always been a real good friend of the family, I was introduced to her by my parents. I instantly fell in Love in that moment. Not even knowing what Love was at the time I knew I'd feel this way for her for my entire life. She always knew what to say to me to cheer me up, calm me down, or even make me smile. I could come home from school and she'd tell me about her day. It got to a point that I would sneak her into school and talk to her durin' lunch time, sometimes even during class. She had a melodic voice and still has a melodic voice that just danced on my earlobes every time she spoke, and her stories were amazing. She thought me so much and I learned to Love all the things about her even the things that were sometimes less den admirable about her. She watched me grow older and always helped me through the bad times as well as the good. When I was old enough and started realizing there were other girls in this world besides her she even helped me communicate with them in a way that was appropriate. In other words she thought me how to talk to the opposite sex ofcourse with somee help from my older brothers. She knew that she was, and still is my first Love and no one could or would ever take her place. She was there to help me through my first heartbreak, and I'm sure she'll be there for my last. That's just the kind of girl she's always been. When I lost my baby Cousin and my Grandmother she wrote a song that was specifically written for me, and I know it came from her heart. People have claimed to have relationships with her, but I know that ours was and always will be the strongest. One of the reasons being that I never asked her for money like so many did in the past nor did I only befriended her because of her fame and riches, our bond was always pure and above the petty material things she had to offer. With all that said I just want her to know that I Love Her, and no matter what she'll always be there for me and I'll be there for her.

^If you Read 'My First Post' then you know the significance of this Pic

To My First Love, MUSIC, Thank You for always being there for me. I will continue to Love you for as long as there is air in my lungs and wen I'm gone I only hope u tell the world the story of our lives together.

For ever yours:
^ My Playlist is more Infinite than Nick's & Norah's ^

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