Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Night be Live

This Past weekend was real coo. Not much happened on Friday but I got to chill with my fam yesterday (Saturday) and if you aint know, to me thats a Great time everytime. The baby in the pic is "The Great White Hype" Jayden F. Baby. All his pics are blurry cuz he would NOT stay Still.

^^ Me and Jayden F. Baby, He's really a baby.
^^ Cuzzo on that G1. I NEED That joint in my life.

^^ My face is screwed cuz he would not cooperate with the Cam.
^^ My Nephew is a fly Motha Shut yo Mouth!
^^ Dont hurt em Jay!
After some time spent with the Fam, Playland, Mylez, P.B.M and myself decided to go downtown. 28th was poppin. Beautiful women EVERYwhere.

^^ The only pic I have of the downtown portion of the evening.

The end of the night came and we decided to hit up IHOP. If you havent had thier Fruit Crepes DONT! it will leave you fiendin for more.

^^ Buddy Mylez a.k.a "He'll put a hole in yo Head"a.k.a The 08 Celebrity Musher specialist.

^^ Frank Lucas Fruit Crepes (DAMN!)

Stay up and Stay Tuned!!

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