Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Women Want

What's goin on fam?
Got another one I wanna share with ya...

So, it was my homies birthday yesterday. We were talkin and she began to reminisce on past years. Back in high school I really had a huge crush on her, but that's as far I got with it. Back then I must have been uglier than I am now, cause the only stories I was bringin home were the ones about how I liked shorty and almost said something to her on the bus lol. But I digress. For her birthday one year (back in high school) I got her this huge arrangement of a dozen flowers, with a card, and waited for her to get off the bus to hand em to her, or something to that effect. A few niggas walked by and laughed at me, and some of my boys asked me what the hell I was doing carrying these heavy ass flowers. I let em know what the situation was and they laughed too... Lol but you know me, my attitude aint new, I aint care about niggas thoughts of me back then either. So finally shorty gets off her bus and there I am looking like a contestant on a "I wanna Find Love" reality series on VH1 holdin her flowers. I hand them to her, she gives me a kiss.... on the cheek (Word?) lol and  we walk to school.

Now I'd tried to kick it to this girl once or twice before but I guess I wasn't gettin the picture, I was determined to get her, but even this 3 ft. long dozen of flowers that weighed about as much as a new born wasn't enough.

So she asked me if I remembered that. I told her, "Of course I do" and she continued to  tell me "Damn, no other guy has ever done that for me before, I mean my ex did it, but only once..." so I put on the "Damn" face. You know the one widen your lips, raise your eye brows, shake your head a lil but! lolol. And thats when it hit me: "I just realized, I've been a better boyfriend to some girls without being their boyfriend than their boyfriends were/have been. Crazy right?" I started thinkin, "Damn Eno, you's a sucker nigga!" lmfao. I have no problems admitting to ya that I am a sucker for love, there, you happy? I said it. But after High School, that changed. I'm still the same sucker but only those who I choose to be mine and accept me as theirs will receive that treatment. 
So no, I aint gettin you no damn flowers, No I aint writing you no damn poems (and I can write a meeean poem), no, I aint going to sleep on the phone with you listening to your problems, them days are over. I played the nice guy and I barely finished the race let alone finished last. I realized yesterday AGAIN, that Women do NOT want a nice guy. They don't want the guy who does all those things I just mentioned, because it makes him appear weak in their eyes.  They don't want that guy because more often that guy lets himself be walked all over. And I assure you that's not the kind of guy I would be anyway, I'm not weak and you can't walk all over me. But that doesn't mean I'm not a nice guy.  Instead they want the bad boy, or the thug who's gonna disrespect them, curse them out, cheat on them and or occasionally put his hands on her. Lol, ladies please don't lie, its the truth, cause guess who shorty from my story ended up with.. That's right the nigga who sailed and bailed! I don't need to put her business out there like that and that's not what I'm tryna do, this is about me. It just amazes me of how many girls I liked over the years that I didn't get for one reason or the other. The only common denominator I could think of was being too nice. 

So excuse me if I don't show affection as I should in the early stages of courtship, or in situations when it's "just sex." I'm not blaming women, but I am tellin ya I've been there, I've done that... It's only so long you can go on losing the race before you realize "I need a new method." In fact now that I think about it, me fighting so hard to get shorty and not winning back then is probably why I don't fight for the ones I want now, I'm such a pacifist when it comes to that, I figure I aint gonna fight for her if I don't see her fighting for me. I guess that's life right? We live and we learn, I learned the hard way, but now for the most part its F*&k em all... No no no, not like that, I mean literally! lmfao! Later bitches, and ladies! lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


☆Reese said...

"I figure I aint gonna fight for her if I don't see her fighting for me."


Also, millions of kudos to you for knowing the difference between a bitch and a lady!

ENO ONE.... said...

Lol, you know damn well I've known that difference for a looooooong time! lol... But Good lookin on the quote and the Comment.