Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Wanna make you Smile

I'm pretty sure most of ya don't know the process behind my writing. Or do ya? Well allow me to share it with ya. (Have ya noticed how personal I've become with you in these past few weeks?) Anyway for me writing is literally venting. An escape from reality. Writing is my attic and my words are Anne Frank. I don't write much poems any more, nor do I write stories fictional or non fictional. Could I? Sure I could, but for me writing is opening up the flood gates of my mental state, allowing my hands to catch whatever they can hold and placing those things on paper. Sometimes my hand catch sounds, and those sounds translate into words as the pen strokes over paper or the cursor flows over blank space on the computer screen.

Not too long before I began writing out this post I had a random thought of the women I like. So I figured I'd open up the flood gates and put the gloves on my hands.
I can't say I have a "type" for me, my type is Female. I love all women, slightly younger (19 and better please), my age or even older. Short, tall, round, slim, short hair, long hair, (as long as it's hers) dark or light skinned, Librarian look with the glasses or whatever. If it catches my eyes I am attracted.

But there's one look that I just cannot deny no matter what the physical packaging is. And to me that's the "I'm from the Bronx, but my clothes is from the corner of 5th Ave. and 50th St." look! OOOWWWEEEE! (Gimme a minute. Don't touch me) lol
To me there's nothing sexier than a woman who knows, wants and has the finer things in life. You know the type I'm talkin about. She's lived on the 4th floor of your building  or the building down the block for as long as you can remember, but you never see her chillen with the other girls on the block. You've seen her in passing but no one really knows what she's about. Some may think "That bitch is conceited" and everyone knows her name but NO ONE knows her game. I See you baby!
You may see them on the train with some sexy ass heels, a nice clutch, a sleek fitted pea coat some shiny shades that you can just tell cost her a grip. She may not have a dollar in the bank but her style is so grown and sexy you don't even care that those jeans cost her the phone bill for this and next month! lolol.

I call those girls "The Untouchables" because no matter how humble she may be once she decides to let her guards down, the truth remains: She's Rose, and I'm Jack. I'm a third class passenger on this ship of life and it's gonna take some sort of life saving and altering situation for her to realize that I'm standing here in front of her. I say it all the time: "Human nature is a bitch" I could have had a thing for Gina from the block, But the one that caught my eye was Raven. (Fake names by the way) And Gina is not only right up my alley, but she feelin me too! But nah: Raven got that walk, and she don't wear too much make up, that nude lipstick works so well for her, and geeze louise the way she switches in those red pumps with the black skinny jeans and the over sized blouse is doing it for me. Lol.
Anyway I say all that to say, I don't have a "type" but I can assure you that a certain style most definitely catches my attention! I mean shorty in the Jordans and the Yankee fitted can get it too, but... well you see where I'm goin with this right?

And to all the Ravens and Roses in the world. Us everyday Joe's just wanna make you smile baby! Don't shut us all down, some of us are pretty cool! lol. Stay up ya!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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