Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Love You baby! XOXO!

Gimme a minute as I zone out to "You've been Robbed" by the Notorious B.I.G.....
(You should play it as you read what I'm about to write) 3mins 58secs later.

Alright, We're all here? Are we refreshed and calm? Well I'm bout to ruffle all your feathers back up!

I was called a hater today, not once, but twice maybe 3 or 4 times.... "Why?" you ask, I'll tell you why, because I spoke my opinion, and in this life when you do that that's what people call you. Lol, In fact it says that right there in my mission statement to the left (<). It's the whole reason I even started this blog.

Now as for the situation:
I woke up and like I usually do I turned over, reached for my phone, replied to about 4 or 5 text messages that I got while I slept, checked my email and hit Facebook. This is what I do before I get out of my bed and get my day started. So I log onto Facebook and of course I see a few of the same people posting the same lovey dovey, "I miss my baby," "I Love my boo" statuses,  okay that's cool. So I decide to fight it with sarcasm and I announce that I will be posting some statuses just like that, as a form of satire of course. (This is when I was called a hater)

And just like that, at around 9:33 this morning I lit a fire under a few people's asses who hadn't even had their coffee yet! I see you Angie baby! Lmfao. I was called a hater, and I was told to stop and all that good stuff.
So before I continue and lead you to believe that I am some sort of heartless bastard incapable of love and you say I don't know what these people are going through, let me tell ya about the last time I was deeply madly in love. (I've never done this before so bookmark this page if you have to)

Her name was Stephanie. My ex girlfriend... We got together around the time I was 15 and we broke up a lil after I turned 18. Stephanie was my first true love. I aint know what it was to have a real girlfriend before her, I had never felt for another human being what I did for Steph and that's how I knew it was real love. You or no one else can convince me different. I woke up and I felt it was cause of her, I had to hear her voice on the phone before I got out of bed, I had to hear her voice on the phone when I went to bed at night. I wanted to feel the warmth of her hugs. This was real deal Hollyfield! Did I tell her often how much I loved her? Yes I did. Did I tell her often how much I missed her and how much she meant to me? Yes, of course. But that's where it ended. This was in the Myspace and AIM days, so I say that's where it ended because I didn't feel the need to post a 2 paragraph away message telling my whole AIM buddy list how much I loved Stephanie, nor did I feel the need to make it a status on everyone's wall on Myspace. Feel me? How me and her broke up is another story all together so I won't get into that. I simply shared that with ya to say this: What you feel for your spouse should be special and sacred between you and your spouse. As long as your girl or your man knows what you feel for them that's all that matters. You shouldn't promote it all over the internet. In fact doing that makes me think, "Well damn, how much do you really love this person if you can find the time to tell Facebook about it every 15 minutes, shouldn't you be trying to spend some of that time with your baby?"

It annoys me, I see them doing that the same way I see overly flamboyant gay dudes. Its excess... If your gay your gay and that's fine just don't throw it in my face. If you in love well then Cot Dammit that is so beautiful, truth be told I can't wait to be in love again, but please don't throw it in my face. Feel me? Think of it like this: Say you were rolling with someone all day, in your car on the bus or on the train, chillen with your bff or bestie or whatever ya callin em these days and all this person can tell you EVERY SINGLE 10-15 minutes is "Oh my God, I love my boobie," "I miss my boo," "I can't wait to get home and give my baby a kiss and a hug" Well damn bitch! You know how many minutes there is in one day? 1440, divide that by every 15 minutes that's  96 verbal status updates your friend is giving you in one day. You know good and Cot damn well you'd be tired by the 5th one! Am I making this clear to ya?

Aside from all this, these are the same people who can't stand the sight of their significant other just a short 6 weeks later. REALLY? It goes from "I Love you baby" to "Niggas aint shit, it's all about me, I can do better by myself!" Tss, so what ya calling love I call an energy drink. Shit gets you hype and excited and you feel like you can fly for a minute then when the high is gone you crash so hard. What was the point? Take it day by day man, and keep it within the one heart ya should be sharing, don't promote it off billboards on the highway. Cause lemme tell you there's about 3 people on your facebook that really care anyway! the rest are just looking at you like "look at these fools." I know a few of ya don't agree with what I said  here today, but that's okay, that's why I have a blog, only those who have a genuine interest in what I have to say will spend some time out of their day reading what I feel. It also says that in my Mission statement to the left (<). Remember folks love is only 4 letters long, but its a VERY VERY strong word. if its true in your heart keep it close, letting it go and throwing it around every where is an easy way to break it.

So what you call "hating" I simply call a failure of acceptance of the truth. You know I'm keepin it real anytime I open my mouth. Enjoy those around you folks. Be safe out there.

Stay Up and Stay tuned


Kitty said...

i agree with you, baby, all the way! i used to do this shit too but i know feelings are private. plus, u don't risk looking ridiculous after a month when you broke up with the person you loved on facebook ;)

ENO ONE.... said...

"plus, u don't risk looking ridiculous after a month when you broke up with the person you loved on facebook"