Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is Home!


Whats good baby? Did ya miss me? Ya shouldn't have I been here all along! Well Two oh, double one is here, another 12 months of doing what we do (hopefully living life to the fullest) Cause like my home girl Reese said: "Aint shit changed over here" lol, but that's another discussion all together.

As ya may or may not know I'm super family oriented and I take any and all opportunities to hang out with them so like every other year that's what I was doing on the eve of the New Year. As far as family goes, I have 2, the one God gave me, and the one I chose, and they are who this post is about. Not really much I can tell ya about my boys that I haven't already told ya in the past.

Lemme break down the event to ya: Che hit us all up in an effort to unite us for a Section 8, 4T'Reign, BXL annual reunion. Now if I lost you bare with me... As you all know BXL is the 3 man group made up of Joe Dirt, Severe Jones, and Buddy Mylez. But before they were BXL they were '4T'Reign' which was the same 3 plus a 4th, the 4th being Che.... And before they were 4T'Reign, they were Section 8, which was all 4 plus Mayo (who went by Epidemik at the time) and my boy Zo Dot. So there's a quick lil BXL music history lesson. For lack of a better word there's just been some down sizing. So the whole idea of the reunion is to vibe out and reminisce over the old days with some video games and drinks thrown in the mix.

So Che hit us all up on facebook to invite us and we all of course RSVP'd: YES! lol. We linked up (like always) at head quarters, Reg's Crib! Played all the old songs, remembered what went down around the time they were recorded, had a few drinks while we played Street Fighter ii on Che's Super Nintendo (I think it might be mine but that's also another post all together lolol) and of course whats a night with all of us together without a (Pause) long, heart felt session of serious Ass cutting! lol.....

So the guest list was as Follows: Reg (PBM), Che, Zo, Jayo (Epidemik), Severe, Dirt, Mylez, Devo, Blaze, Penny, Jun, Myself, and a few of the ladies from the circle were also in attendance, Mel, Stace and Emily. We got together on Thursday, the eve of New Year's Eve. Lol. It was an amazing way to seal the year off man, ya already know I love time spent with my nigga. So With all that said and done I'd like to share the pictures I took with ya:
They're not in any particular order:

 ^No Shoes past this point, Reg don't play that with the carpet^

^DJ Che Kidd on the 1's and 2's^

^Che getting it in '92 Style^

^We had to come up with 5 Stacks for a Devo Diamond walk through^

^Joe Dirt playing Che Kidd^

^You Know I wear my Crown!^


^Hennesy and BlackBerrys^

^Jun playing Jayo^

^Melissa the BBM Fiend^

^I call this one:
Penny for your Thoughts^

^Penny on 2k11^

^I call this one:
"Since Grass Hoppers"^


^The Tournament^

^Big ass bottle of Corona
nigga at the store gave it to him with the Sparkles!

^Peep our Sounds^

^These Boots Made the night Kidd!^


I really couldn't begin to explain to you how much fun I had and how much i laughed this night, I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna die! lmfao! Guess it was one of those "You had to be there" nights. But really, It was a great wrap up to a great year. Ya already know I don't do the whole "New Year, New me" bullshit, Imma just continue to live my life like I always have. I hope 2010 treated ya well, if it didn't you got another 12 months to put your foot up the ass of all your dreams! lol. AND, my blog turns 3 years old this year! 

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


Ya gYrl R said...

Niiice!! Glad to see U all had a blast reminiscing!

ENO ONE.... said...

Thanks Boogy, we really did!

☆Reese said...

I call dibs on the party being at my crib next year! BX here I come! Im glad u had a good ass time Eno!!

Anonymous said...

You already know Reese good looks