Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sup folks, its 4:28am and I'm bored and wide awake. Don't really know what I'm doing here (on the blog) but since I'm here I guess I can let a few things spill outta my head! If You don't mind I think I'll share them with you in list form. Here we go:

  • I played Ball with the fellas today, and boy did it feel good! Plus I told myself I was gonna start working out soon, so that was a good prelude to that! Did you hear? there's a new Eno in town and I figured I'd give him a whole new body to go with the whole new attitude!
  • Literally just got a phone call as I'm typing this, "Hey Christina Baby!"
  • I can't wait to take this new default pic soon! I can't tell you what it is, you just gotta wait and see! but I can tell you this its gonna be really sexy and really provocative! Stay Tuned
  • I been thinkin a lot, about a few things, this car I want, these sneakers I wanna design, these tattoos I wanna get, etc. etc. If only you knew the amount of time I spend a day just thinkin!
  • I haven't bought a pair of sneakers in......... damn! I need a few new pairs!
  • I want my chain from "Good Wood NYC." Imma put the order in very soon!
  • My phone is off, and I hate it, with a severe passion, but I'll have it back on soon!
  • Summer 2010 is sooooo Poppin!
  • Tropicana Juice for the Win baby!
  • Speaking of which, I could go for some Pussy and some "Tropical Punch" NICE!
  • I wore my favorite shirt today. "Lemme see ya Pink"
  • I wanna get my iPod fixed but I'm scared they'll have to gut the music and that's something I'm not willing to go through.
  • I might have a girlfriend at the end of the summer, but first the wolf has to go on a few more hunts.
  • I need a new Yankee fitted. And a new custom "Eno Bull" fitted.
  • I love my niggas! Ay last one of you fools.
  • You should be scared of what I'm gonna do next.
  • You ever see or hear of someone changing over night? No, watch me lolol (Evil Grin) "New Eno Order" is now in effect.
  • I think I'll go to sleep now
So yea, I shared some random thoughts with ya! Hope ya enjoyed! Later fams!

 Stay up and Stay Tuned!

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M33KS::4::MVS!C said...

1) Hurry up with the sneakers!! I NEVER wear sneakers, but I'd for sure wear yours..
2) That "Lemme See Ya Pink" movement {as ya call it} still has me shakin my headdd Lol
3) I feel you on the phone and iPod situations
4) Hunt no more baby, he I AM!! Lol

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