Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Say Good Bye

It been a while since I felt this way so imma let it all out in words, and this time I swear (to myself,) that imma follow through.

So I woke up this morning with a possible and highly likely to happen scenario in my head. And even in my head I was left with the short end of the stick, why? I'll tell you why, its this heavy ass, red, bloody heart of mine! The shit pumps blood for me and everyone else around me when it shouldn't. Let me be a lil more specific. I tend to be an asshole, but every now and then I forget the reason I am an asshole. The reason for me  being an asshole and having a frozen black heart with the world is simple; I will not allow myself to be hurt by anyone, and when you don't care for people and don't let too many people in the task of not lettin yourself get hurt is very easy! However even in knowing all this I find myself blinded at times, and realize I've allowed the heart to warm up again and 9 times out of 10 (It's really only been about twice that I can recently remember) I let the shit warm up to someone it has noooo business fuckin with.

Are you followin what I'm sayin? I hope so cause I aint gonna draw it out for you. But this all goes back to what I've said a million times before: "Nice guys always finish last." Shit, sometimes the muh fucker doesn't finish at all! And PLEASE do not give me that speech about how its not true, and how nice guys are rare and blah, blah, blah. blah, blah! Lets keep it real here, do we not live in the 21st century? Do we not live in a world where we root for the bad guy? Is this not the same cruel world where assholes and jerks are revered and become rich and the meek are overlooked somewhere silent in the corner? YES IT IS!

And in knowing all this you still choose to care about people you shouldn't aint that right Eno? But this is why we're here, this is the whole reason for this blog. I'm enjoying my summer but waking up like I did today kinda blew mine and put me in a sorta dark mood. So the best way for me to cheer up is by lettin it off my chest through words. Ya may not like this post, and ya may wanna talk to me about it, but know that I sincerely don't give two shits if you like it or not, and really I don't need to speak about it. I'm pretty sure as soon as I'm done typing this shit out, I'll feel a lot better and will begin applying "New Eno Order."

So with that said: Say GoodBye to the nice guy! The asshole that some of you have met is here to stay, you can like it or love it. Dueces muh fuckers!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


☆Reese said...

I know I said it to you already but...Eno the asshole is aight with me! and fuck em!

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