Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

Ahhhhhhh Monday! I gotta admit ya'll the whole reason I started the "Summer in NYC" sub-blog was to force myself to have something to do almost everyday of the summer. I didn't believe I would actually be gettin my broke ass up and doing something for the better portion of every week. Needless to say due to my great friends (which will be mentioned on this post) I've been having a great Summer and something tells me its only gonna get better before its over.

July 3rd:
A few days ago my brother Dwayne hit me up on twitter and invited me to me to his cookout... Now I love hanging out with my boys period, but this nigga D can host a BBQ, its always one you don't wanna miss. So naturally you know I couldn't miss that. He called to remind me and I was already 10 steps ahead of him.... I showered, got dressed and headed out.
When I got there Will (another one of my boys 10 years strong) was already there along with Ms. Terry, D's lil Bros and a few aunts and grandma. I had a dope Hot dog and some CapriSuns mmmmmmmm CapriSuns (Homer Voice) lolol. Soon after that Fray (Another one of my boys 10 years strong) showed up with his Boy Mike and Katie showed up too. Don't exactly remember what the order was. lol But all in all it was a great cookout. See for yourself:

^There goes our Host^
My Man (Denzel voice) Dwayne

^Get that Camera outta My Face^

^Will--Trust me he aint White^

^D and one of his Lil Brothers^
He's almost taller than both of us lol.

^Somebody started a Water Balloon Fight^
Nigga I was out! lol

^Look at Ms. Terry^
I see you girl GIT IT!

^I still say that Steak aint real^
Peep Will's hand for comparison

^I don't Know^ 

She's super cool, I love giving her 
a hard time! lol

^There goes D's Pops, Rich^
He taught us a new way to
give the middle Finger lol.
Super cool pops right there.

^My Boy Fray^
We got the same Tat on the wrist.

^Grill is poppin!^
Quesadillas, BBQ Chicken and Will's
Hand again lolol.

It was a super dope day, I didn't wanna leave but duty called and I had to go shoot a part of Jayo's video. So after forcin myself to get up and leave Dwayne's cookout that's what I did...

It wasn't all Bad, after that was done, Reg, Buddy, Jun and I hit Applebees:

^Reg, Black as Night!^
I swear we are Slaves to these phones

^Buddy Mylez^
Waiting for his Food

^Get that Camera outta my Face!^

^You know I effs with juice Heavy^

^Reg got that Steak^
Looks Good!

^I think Mylez got kind of Pene^
Looks good tho
^My Philly Burger was mos def Poppin^
I recommend it.

^Time for the Bill^

^Later in the Evening^
Clockwise from left
Dirt, Perse, and Jayo!

You know me, any time spent with my fam is a good time! And I had a whole day with em all!

July 4th:
So yesterday, like Saturday I REFUSED to be in the house despite not having any plans.... Mylez and some of the fellas played ball but I missed that call so I couldn't make it. But I spoke with my Isha Baby and she planned a last minute cookout... Shiiiiiiit, I was with it... I showered, hit my closet, picked up my shades and my fedora and met her on the corner.
From there we went to go pick up Arshon and the day began! It was way dope!

^In my room right after I got dressed^

^First fire of the day^
It's now 6:10pm lol so what if 
we started late lol

^Let that CocoLoso Chill^
Some good stuff right there

^Gorgeous baby girl Jay^
I don't think she liked Isha Baby's
Reggae music lolol

^Got a game of Spades goin^
Nevermind Deana's red nail Polish lol

^My hand sucks^
But I bet I'll make everything walk!

^I'll have another Cup please^

^Some FireCrackers^

^That Shit there was goooood Boy!^
I had like 3 plates!

^Sky Looked Beautiful^

^I love this Picture^

^3 Amigas^
Deana, Isha Baby and Arshon.

^Got some shots of some FireWorks^
Don't Judge me Niggas I was drunk! lmao

^That's my "CocoLoso" Face^

Ended the night on the phone with Tessina fr a lil while, and that was that.... So how was my Weekend? It was Greater than Tony the Tiger could ever tell! lol How was Yours?

Stay up and Stay Tuned
-Summer in NYC-

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