Friday, July 2, 2010

Sup Beaches?

Lol What's goin on ya? It would seem everyone took head to my words and saw to it that I have a Good Summer huh? Lol.

So the other day while chillen with Lady (my baby) Ty she mentioned the beach. I don't remember if I told her I'd go, but when I saw the status message on her FaceBook earlier today I was reminded and thought it's be a great idea to join her!

So I showered, packed my trunks, (that I knew I wouldn't use) packed Candace in her bag and headed for the train station. I met up with Ty, her sister Tt, and Tt's friends Christina and Mike. It was a dope day at the beach, just a lil below usual Beach day temperatures but fun nonetheless. You know me, Soon as we got there it was flick, flick, flick.... lol. So Check out some of the shots I got!

^Longest Train Ride Ever lol^


^Thinkin: Life is Good^

^You know they buyin whatever I'm sellin^

^2 Live Crew Type Shit^

^Grab a handful or two^

^Say Cheese^

^Think it needs a Caption?^
^We'll call this the end for now^


So..... =D. Shout outs to Mike for taking pics of the photographer and his models! Come back and see what shenanigans I get into this Weekend. Hope Ya keepin up! lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned
-Summer in NYC-

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