Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CFK, My Big Bro

It occurred to me that this post is waaaaaaaaay Overdue! lol, So with that said, have a seat and enjoy what I'm about to share wit yo asses! lol

Many of you take the time out to tell me how much you like and or enjoy my photography. One time a friend even told me "I would buy your pictures and hang them up in my house if I could" lol, I really didn't even know how to accept that. Of course I am humble and I appreciate it. This is because I have always admired and have had a love for art. I've considered myself an artist since I've been a child, so when I picked up the photography, it was ALMOST second nature. I say almost because it wasn't actually second Nature til I met Chris.

I met Chris (CFK Photography which you've heard me mention a few times before on the blog) through a mutual friend. He was already an amazing photographer for a while by the time I met him, and I explained to him that i wanted to be a photographer myself. I remember him asking me if I had any work that I could show him and all I had was about 2 picture I took of myself with my lil Sony Digi Cam, lol, remember that bruh? He then told me, you can be a photographer, but you can't be a photographer without a camera! Lolol, needless to say I was a liiiil embarrassed but I knew it was true. So he set up a few shoots where I would be his assistant. I don't know if he knows it but I was SUPER DUPER Stupid hyped when he text'd me one cold January morning saying something to the nature of "I know it's been a while since we were supposed to work, but I have a shoot and If you could come that would be cool" it must have been around 1am when he sent that and I was just chillen in my room. I said something like "Yea. no doubt, I can be there, what time" tryna play it cool. lol. He told me where to meet him in the next couple of hours and that we did.

Our first shoot (me as his assistant) was with Jackie Galante, one of the cutest lil things I had seen in quite a while. Prior to her showing up he was showing me all the different aspects of the camera and what makes a great picture, aside from lighting, there was the F-Stop, the Shutter speed, the ISO, and a few other things that had to do with the Lens, and of course the creative eye behind the camera itself. So Jackie arrived and I was in charge of holding up the reflector to help with the light since it wasn't the sunniest day, we then traveled to another location for the next two looks and that was our day! It was the most fun I'd had actually "working." I use quotes cause til this day I still don't consider it work.

So from there the rest is history. Chris instantly became my mentor in photography, and when I finally bought my own camera a few months later I took all he'd taught me and applied it to what I was doing.

Til this day I've been by Chris' side and he's been by mine Team MVP Baby! We've done, kids parties, weddings, fashion photo shoots, etc. etc. He knows I don;t like doing event photography, but he told me "Events are things you should do because the event fund the fun" and since then I've held that and I've had a different view on events. Remember when you told me that before Kamil and Lea's wedding bruh? You know it stuck with me right? lol

So I guess this post is more so an Ode to my big bro! To you Chris, thanks a mil man, I been here next to you this past year and a half and I will be here til you get tired of me and fire me bruh! lolol. I went from Intern to assistant, and I still feel greatly accomplished now when you introduce me as your partner lol. Thanks again man, if I haven't fully expressed how grateful I am for having you as my teacher this is it right here.

Check out some of Chris' joints:

^Ya remember Alex right?^
It was hotter than Hell's Basement this day! lol

^This is Yayoi^
and she is as cool as she is Beautiful

^Ms. Crystal^
One if his more recent images, I love this one
Crazy day, remember this one Team MVP?

^I don't know if Chris names his images^
But I call this one "Dungeon Beauty" lol

^Fallen Angel^
No words! 

^Check out my man's alter Ego^
I hope I can get one someday lol.

^Nym Dot^
The big Homie!

And these Last 2 are from Jenna's "Addiction" shoot. "Addiction" is an on going series that Chris does. Its usually an addiction to something that has to do with fashion or elements of it. It promises to be DOPE, no Pun intended lolol.

^Jen's Addiction^
hmmm, that arm looks familiar

^Jen's overdose^


So as you can see, I need to step it up and catch up to my big bro! lol. But agian Thanks Chris, as for the rest of ya, check out his work here: CFK Photography enjoy.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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