Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8Hundred & 50 Interests

What's good folks? How ya Been? I been aight, I've been well, at Work where all of my time seems to be spent lately, in fact what I wanna write about actually took place at work.

I was hangin' out with my man Josh, Chris, and our HomeGirl Lauren outside of Duane Reade across the street from Work. While standing outside and all these smokers smoke was killing me a Black BMW 850i drove by lookin' as clean and as cool as can be. Don't worry: for all you non car knowin' ass niggas I have a pic at the end of the post.

This instantly took me back to my Deep, life-long, undying love for Cars. Especially BMW's, if you didn't know it is my favorite make or cars.

So seeing it pass by and thinking of how much I love cars reminded me of how many Interests I have. It literally ranges from women to Art, to Photography to Music. Anyway that's what I wanted to speak about, How I have Millions of Interests in more than several things and how most are awoken at random points in my everyday life. So if ever you have an interest that you may wanna share with someone why not share it with me, I might even teach you something about it you didn't know.

BMW 850i
^Bet you Never seen this Bad Boy on the Road^

^Mean, Corvette, eat your transmission Out!^

The car was discontinued in the Early 90's due to heavy Maintenance required and because it was BMW's first V12 and most knew not what to do with such a powerful machine. Well That's my blog for today.

tay Up and Stay Tuned!!

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