Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Been Doin' This

Photography that is.

Whats goin on Everyone? So for those of you who didnt know, or have never read this Bio here on the Left side of your screen (<), I am and in a sense have always been an aspiring photographer. The reason i say I've been doing this is Because I've always loved the idea of a photograph and have always wanted to be the one responsible for capturing that moment in time by way of a picture.

If you've been paying attention you would even know that I have been working with the very talented CFK (Photographer) and have been trying to learn the ropes. Well now after about a year of speaking about it, I finally bought my camera. I got myself the Rebel T1i and I couldnt be happier. I havent worked with any official Models but I've been snapping away like theres no tomorrow. Mainly pics of Buddy and the rest of the team, But I feel i've gotten some decent shots non the less. So if its okay with you (Not that I would do otherwise if it wasnt Ok) I would like to share some with you guys.

^My Mentor CFK doin' his Thing^

^C'Mon, you know who this is.^

^This is my Home Girl Jess from work^

^My Cuz Ry Play If you a real Bull Pen Fan^
then you already know who he is

^This is Buddah and Juno^

The 3 photos in the Middle were Edited by CFK. Come back soon cause there's more to come. Stay up and Stay Tuned.

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Jemeka said...

Of course I'm a fan..N I forgot allll about Juno..Awww u still have her..