Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

What's going on everyone? How have you been?

So A few days ago at work I was chillen in the fitting room, when one of my co-workers (who shall remain nameless) was complaining about a stomach ache and all other type of minor discomforts. So me being the insensitive jerk and clown that I am I said: "Maybe your just Pregnant" and she responded "That's impossible" and I say, "How the hell is it impossible? What you tryna tell me? Your a virgin?" And she said "Yea, I am" so in my sarcastic disbelief I say "Yea, and I'm studying to be a Pope" but she just stuck to her story like the Virgin Mary did.

I'll come back to that but moving on to another friend who also happens to be a Co-Worker. (Who shall also remain Nameless) hit me up on FaceBook one day and she saw it fit to inform me that she is a squirter (for those who don't know what a squirter is, Take a New aged Sex Ed. class, I'm not here to teach you.)

So what Boggles my mind is that The Virgin is 19 and the Squirter is 18. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with being a virgin, in fact hearing that in this day in age is quite refreshing. But because we are in this day in age, hearing someone say that they are a Virgin is unheard of.

So it all lead me to a question. 'Are all the people in my circle, My cousins, my friends, my siblings, aunts and uncles wrong for being the premarital fornicators that we are?' Which immediately lead me to my answer which is: (Drum Roll please) NOPE!.... lol. You see in the good book it states that we are all put on this earth to procreate. If memory serves me correct I believe its in the book of Genesis. Now given that all means that we are here to procreate once and after we have been married but lets look at some other things here: We are now living in a generation where the average person lives for "the Now", people no longer search for the "Right One", they search for the "One Right Now." If you journey back into my blog and find the post entitled "True Religion" I attempt to justify the fact that I have tattoos by explaining that in the same passage where it says tattoos are wrong, shaving ones beard or hair from their temple is wrong. So again I Present this to you:

Somewhere in our glorious Bible it states that we are here to procreate. BUT it also states that while homosexuality is ok, carrying out the temptations of homosexuality is wrong, yet we all know we have Gays and Lesbians fighting for the right to get married, and its no wonder what they are doing behind closed doors. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that although The Bible (Which if you did not know stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is telling us these things its a whole new day where the standards of Yesteryear no longer apply in the same manner. So being a virgin like my friend is ok, but I just feel that saving yourself for marriage is over rated and for lack of a better word, boring. I'm sure Billions out there agree with me, and I'm quite sure that's why this planet is headed to Hell in a Hand Basket but hey.....

So for all of you out there who are practicing Celibacy, I honestly respect and commend you on your choices, so long as its understood where I'm coming from on behalf of those who practice being promiscuous. In the end what I'm ultimately trying to say is that we are all just Sexual beings, its simply human nature. Inn fact a little known fact is that Dolphins are the only other creatures that have sex for pleasure and not just to procreate, so if we're wrong, aren't they wrong as well? So shoot me a comment or something and tell me how you feel.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned

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