Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Wats Hapnenin' Folk? Lol
How's life everyone, and did you miss me? Well I didn't miss yo Ass! Lmao. J/K well I'm here to Testify. Yes I have hated on ATL's culture, I have said that the music is terrible and I have said "If ever I go there I'm just looking forward to seeing the ladies" well. For the most part I still dislike the music, but the culture and the women are guaranteed to keep me coming back. Lol.

Since the moment we crossed the S. Carolina and drove into Georgia and saw the sign that said "Welcome to Atlanta" I was in Love. It was nice and warm, the City's Skyline was a sight to see, and all the women in the cars around us were BEAUTIFUL.

We arrived and we loved our Hotel Room. In the First room it was Reg, Jazz, and Dirt, and in the second room was Perse, Buddy, Penny and Myself.

We instantly went out on the town, and although I could go on for days telling you what we did, I won't. I'll just tell you: "I Loved it, The City, the Love we got, The Southern Hospitality, the Women, the cars, the Culture, the Women, oh and I can't forget the Women.

Most if not all people were shocked to hear that we drove out there. Regardless of what the reason for avoiding a flight was I had fun as I often do on Road Trips with my boys. We were in 2 different Cars and we all had fun as if it were one. A major reason why I like Road Trips is because it brings you closer to your boys, even if for a few hours. In Fact, I want to leave you with one of a few Video Clips taken while on the trip.

This is (From L to R) Jahmaul (Penny) Myself (Back Seat) and Perse, on the drive back home.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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