Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Having Money's Not Everthing... Pt. 2

What's going on Folks, I'm gonna just get into this one so peep:

Like I've told you before, I don't have the best luck in the world. I tend to find myself in situations that rarely end in my favor.

Chapter 1:
So Recently I've been praying more often: Saying Grace before my meals, and I'm getting back into the habit of Praying before I go to sleep, and I've never stopped thanking the good Lord for granting me with life each morning.

Along with giving thanks for another day of life I usually ask God to Please allow me to find UN marked Money somewhere in the street. I know that's not something to pray for but hey... I always pray that I find $300-$500. Its yet to happen but you never know.

Chapter 2:
As you all Know I'm an aspiring Photographer but all I have is a regular point and shoot Digi Cam, and even that broke. So On May 5Th I vowed to stop bull shitting and save up for a Canon SLR and a Mac Book told myself I needed $2500 total which would take a while cause I had no money left over from my road trip.But by Friday May 8Th I had $1400 in the bank, and its none of your Cot Damn Business how I made it lol.

Chapter 3:
I could have taken that Money and bought my camera, but I figured I'd wait another week to get paid again and have a Lil more to fall back on after the purchase. So I've been real tight with spending since then. A few days passed and now I'm getting closer and closer to my next check (Friday, May 16th) and buying my camera is looking real promising. I'm planning on buying a Canon X1i by the way.

Chapter 4:
May 11Th, 2009 at approx. 10:30am

So I was at work bored out of my mind, when a young lady walks into my section looking for a pair of jeans to exchange with the pair that she had. So I go over to help her which is something I don't do unless its an attractive young lady who I am helping. So after I assisted her with what she needed she turned around and then bent down and picked something up that she then gave to me. She then said "I wish this was mine, but its not, so here you go." To my surprise it was an envelope filled to it capacity with Money. In the matter of one second I literally thought of a billion things, a Million of them being me taking the money. The lady then began walking away saying "I have good Karma in the Bank and I don't wanna F*%k it up now" I then said "Thank You miss, we appreciate your honesty" while walking over to my managers who I had seen standing in the spot where the money was found just 10 minutes prior.

Chapter 5:
So I walk up to my managers and say "Hey guys, look at what I just found on the floor. A customer found it and was honest enough to give it to me" My manager then said "Well it must have been another Customer who dropped it cause it doesn't belong to the store" I immediately thought "F*%kin Shit, I could have taken this and been good" any how, I left it in their hands and walked back to my section.
Shortly after my 15 minute break I saw a Security Guard and 2 Police men standing in the area where the money was found. The Security Guard points at me and then one of the officers calls me over. Just so ya'll know I HATE Cops, but anyway for the first time in Life I was I.D'd by an officer and it was for doing a good deed as opposed to Probable cause. He then explained to me that if the money wasn't claimed in 60 days that it would be mine. Although with my luck I didn't get excited.

Chapter 6:
So while I'm at lunch in the employee break room, thinking about that cash of course I lock eyes with the security guard who was at the scene and he simply tells me "'The dude came back back and he claimed it"' I said "Yea, I figured that would happen, How much was it?" he replied "$836"
For every time I've asked the God Lord above to put money in my path he put a Dollar in that Envelope. But like they say Every Good Deed will be payed back double.

It all comes down to doown to what Buddy Said: "theres no such things as coincidences, everything happens for a reason. And this test from God happened for a reason as well now what that reason is only time will tell.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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Jemeka said...

LOVE this!! It's what I've been waiting for..Quite encouraging actually, so I thank you..