Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Going, Going...

To ATL!^This Pic is beautiful to me^
This is ATL's Skyline I'm assuming right before the city awakens

Ironic aint it? The reason I say ironic is cause I've STRONGLY disliked the music that has come from ATL for the exception of a few mainstream artists from there thus assuming that I'd hate to be in ATL. But like I told Buddy "I'm goin out there with a clean state of the mind, im erasing my 'dislike' for the HUGE Shants (Shorts long enough to be Pants = Shants) Box Cars, and all that stuff that I'm not used to due to the fact that I'm a New Yorker and we're just cooler than any and every other state out here YEA! I said it, don't like it, come fight me! HA! Th reason we're goin out there is for some sort of Dj convention thing (Don't quote me) so the trip is mainly business but thats never stopped anyonne from having fun right?!?

Nah but thats what I wanted to let ya know. I got the time requested off at work. I have a regular JanSport bookbag packed with 10 outfits (I'm the best packer you'll ever meet! ), I'm excited for the Road Trip the lies ahead and I'm eager to see what makes Atlanta, Georgia well..... Atlanta, Georgia. My phone has been cut off so I can recieve texts and calls but I can't make them, but hopefully that all changes tomorrow. So if you've been hittin me up..... you get it?

Stay Up ya'll. I'll try to post during the duration of the trip but chances are I won't cause i'll be out and about all day. But i''ll most def let ya know how it went when I get back.


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