Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Away Message.

How to make a succesful 'Away' Message

1. Be sure to tell your entire Buddy List what you did, are going to do or are doing today.
i.e. OMG I'm chillen watchin 'The Tyra Banks Show' then I'm gonna go shower and meet with my peoples and we gonna go Downtown to shop for a new shirt for my party.

2. Tell everyone how you feel.
i.e. I soooo Love my bf/gf he/she is the best thing that ever happened to me (Tell your spouse you love them) and then put the day that you two became a couple.(I love you baby 10.13.04-Forever)

3. Make sure to start some type of beef with someone on your Buddy List.
i.e. "Yo (your enemies name here) F&^% You on some real Sh*^ that's why I never liked you to begin with.

4. Make sure you tell your whole Buddy List what song your listening to and quote it.
i.e. Listening to "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it"

5. If your highly upset, rather then sign off Let us know and stay online.
i.e. Not in the mood, I am really pissed DO NOT hit me up.

6. Tell people what your Icon is
i.e. Icon: "The One and Only (your Name or nick name here)

7. When in doubt tell everyone what your doing or how your feeling and add "Flow" to the end of it.
i.e. Work Flow, Wild Happy Flow

C'Mon People... The world don't need to know what your doin, how your doin it as your doin it....


Anonymous said...

hahahahah LOVE IT!

Lola said...

i...just ...died!!