Monday, October 20, 2008

"Having Money's Not Everthing...

...Not having it is" This is very true. Among a few other things I was discussing the never ending topic of money with a few co-workers yesterday.

First of all this discussion began when one of our co-workers walked into the stock room looking for a few pair of shoes for a customer. I'd tell you what the name of the shoes are but the company doesn't pay me to shout them out lol. Anyway the cheapest one of the 3 she was searching for was $1,695 the second was about $2,200 and the mother of all Gator shoes was $9,995 and yes that's all in American Green Dollars. This instantly triggered our discussion beginning with the sentiment that Life isn't fair. Here you have this jerk (yea I'm hatin') buying 3 pairs of 4-digit price tag shoes and half of us hard working Citizens can't even pay our phone bills.

Then my boy asked the Million $ question: "Ya'll think Money is everything?" and with that question alone this Blog was Born. I won't bore you with the word-for-word play of the discussion but I will give you my views on the question. Yes and No. This is not the first time this topic has come up around me and it won't be the last.

^^If it dont make a Dollar then it dont make Cents

You see where I'm (and many like me) are from lack of money is the root of all evil. Of course Life is not about money, but you have to stop lyin to yourself and admit that it IS Highly important. Finding yourself and what your purpose on this planet is a more likely answer to the aforementioned question. I mean I wanna tell you that its about finding that right person to fall in love with, make babies and keep the human race alive. Cause I do believe that Family and the love from family and friends and possibly the love from a spouse is important. But tell me this: If your madly in love with your wifey but don't have 2 dollars is that same Love gonna get you on the 4 train in the morning to get to work? NOPE!

Truth is finding happiness is super hard and its even harder if your not friends with the Dead Presidents that have run this beautiful country of ours. So I guess when its all said and done I never answered the question at hand but the real question is "Will that question EVER be answered?" Stay up and Stay Tuned.
^^9,994 More of These and those shoes are mine! LMAO

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