Thursday, October 9, 2008

House of Exile

Whats Good Ya'll this Blog is to share with you guys yet another page of the endless book that is My Mental State. Its also being used to pay my respect to a man by the name of Lucky Dube.

Lucky Dube was a South African Reggae artist who made beautiful music for 25 years. He Recorded 22 Albums and on October 18th, 2007 his life was pointlessly taken by people trying to Hijack him. This incident occurred shortly after he had dropped his children off at a Family Members house. He tried to flee but was fatally wounded.

After hearing that he had been killed I caught Chills down my spine. The reason for the chills was because just a few days earlier I had been mesmerized by one of his songs on my way to school. My father has always been a huge fan of all types of Music, seeing as how reggae was one of his favorites Lucky Dube was a familiar name to me and so was his music. Needless to say I had heard the song before but for some odd reason that day it hit me as if I had never heard it. I literally played it all day from home to school (an hour and 35 minute trip), from school to work, from work to home. That was the only song played on my iPod that day. The Name of the song was "House of Exile" a song about a Freedom Fighter trying to spread his words of freedom to his people in the Ghetto. I found it very ironic that the same artist that I had been listening to was now dead just a few days later.

Mylez always tells me "There's no such things as coincidences" and I use to think there were but after giving it thought I agree with my brother and realize that everything really DOES happen for a reason. Maybe the reason for me being mesmerized by that song that fate full day was so that today, a few days shy of a year later I can write this blog (Which I didn't even have till about 2 months ago) and spread the word of a Mans music that people may not have known otherwise. Maybe I'M that Freedom Fighter he was singing about. Whatever the reason was I just found it crazy (for lack of a better word) and i'd like to pay my respects by saying "Thank You" for leaving this world a better place through your music.

Lucky Dube
^ Lucky Dube ^

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