Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jules Rendezvous

We were at it again last night folks. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Greatest Night Club in the world (Jules Rendezvous) allow me to put you on. Its my cousin Julie's Apt.

No I.D. needed, Liquor is free all night, no dress code, and best of all its Local.

Yesterday my cousin Killa Hit me up and said "Julies Crib tonight 8pm" with not a question asked I instantly replied "I'm there." later when I decided to see what the occasion was he simply replied "Its Tuesday, lol" with all that said lets get to the flicks.
^^ Where it all Begins

^^ Pink Lemonaide. DONT let the color fool you, It will sneak up
on you somethin serious.

^^ Me & Rocky, And The Photos Begin.

^^ It Aint the Hulk, But you better believe it was Incredible.

^^ Paul (Has been serving us for 21 Years) Came through with some Wings. Shout outs to Paul

^^ Me & my Girlfriend (When im drunk) Bianka. lol

^^ Smooches Babe. We Rock Stars Meng!

^^ Who Else But Yours Truly, Eno to the 'Motha Effin' Bull

^^ Julie, Myself and Bianka.

^^ & Ofcourse the end of the Night Shots. SMH @ killa
Violatin my woman LOL.

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Anonymous said...

hahahha... ohhhh great times!