Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm Just Sayin...

First and foremost, to all of you who have been following this Blog thus far, I thank You very much. I more than Greatly appreciate it.

Now on to the Blog, I'll make this short and sweet.

I being the Sneaker Collector/Enthusiast/Fan that I am bothered by the fact that it is 2008 and most people still cant tell Fake Sneakers from Real. So I guess instead of making fun of you guys I'll try to help.

First of all
1. Air Jordan Sneakers are (or for the most part used to be) made with Impeccable quality. And they are sold in Stores if not by re-sellers.

2. Jordans are rarely, If ever retailed for less than $100 given that they are bigger then a (US) Men's Sz. 7. So if your finding them in a sz. 10 for $65 you may wanna be careful.

3. Although there has been very many alternate colors They are usually in White/Red/Black colorways, so if you see something Orange and Green once again be careful.

4. Do your research! If you want Jordans there are forums you can visit to find out what colorways, styles and other specs are legit. Like, and others that im not 100% sure on. And please always feel free to contact me to ask me my opinion on a certain pair. Lets stop supporting the bootleggers who sell fakes

*Now if you couldnt care less wether or not your kicks are real then ignore this but im sayin for those of you who go out and buy matching clothes and think your "killin it" with you new Jays. STOP IT!

^^ Fake Air Jordan IV's. The IV's were never released in this colorway. Original or Retro.

^^ Same as above with these Fake V's
^^These are the Soles from the IV's with the upper half of the XI's. Again FAKE!
Lets cut this out folks.

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