Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Get it in Ohio pt. II

So Ya ready to hear the rest? Lol

That was Saturday, the day I met one of my long time Twitter Followers Em who came out to support the Empire's Concert. Don't you just love the internet? Lol.
So around 2am it was over and we headed out, hungry we all decided to hit the "Waffle House." If you didn't know, I Effin LOVE Waffle House. I had it for the first time when we had went to Atlanta. Why the hell don't we have at least one in New York, but anyway that's another blog post in itself.

We all got home and chilled for a lil bit. Discussed the show a little and watched some YouTube for a while. The next morning, we all hung around waiting for Sunday dinner. In the mean time Handz had a session downstairs in the studio while everyone else was chillen enjoying their beautiful Sunday. I don't really remember what time it was but Dos had suggested that we do a few videos, and so that's what we did.
D and Young Wise added verses to "NY to Ohio," Payne's song which already featured Buddy, Handz and Jus. Within an hour (if that) of Wise and D recording their verse we headed outside to film the video for the song. Cold as hell boy, but we made it look hot out there. Lol. When we got back in we set up Dos' Studio, backdrop, lights etc. and got started on shooting the video for Empire Livin.' Both came out dope, so be on the lookout for those very soon!

When that video was done we went to meet up with Buddy's homie Shake. Shake is a manager and producer of a few Ohio artist and we got to work with him and 2 of his artist. Brix and Chi City, on a song called "How it Is" I won't tell ya where we shot the video, but I will tell ya that the raw footage came out extremely dope.  So also be on the lookout for that one.
When we got back to the studio, Mylez did a few drops for the Bootleg to his up coming Street LP. As he mentioned on one of the drops, he must be the first artist to ever bootleg himself. Lol I mean the Lp is THAT Hot. So there's something else to look out for. Are you keepin track? That's 3 videos and one LP that is droppin very soon. BE Media is on the rise. And we owe a lot of thanks to our Ohio Family. The Empire/Deepest Ent. Family. Once again we can't thank ya enough for inviting us out. It was fun, it was memorable and it was most def productive. Can't wait to do it again soon, til then ya need to add them all on Faceboook and Twitter (Mentioned in pt. I) and check out all their work.
I see ya like family now ya'll. BXL/The Empire this is just the beginning.

Be Safe Ya'll

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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