Monday, April 11, 2011

3rd Finger Salute

So you know how I like to share my tattoo stories right? Well the other day I was talkin to my homegirl Lenni and I asked her "What percent of people today do you think get tattoos just for the sake if it being trendy?" She gave me a number that I can't remember but it was somewhere in the high 80's-mid 90's.
Naturally, you know I agreed. Yeah, some of ya is just trendy hoes tryna be down! Yeah I said it LOL. But anyway, it got me thinkin, and it brought me to the promise finger on my right hand. This is the finger where the 3 letters "BXL" lie in ink. For those of you living under a rock BXL is my team. Also a 3 man rap group made up of my brothers Joe Dirt, Severe Persy Jones and Buddy Mylez.

More than just a rap group tho, it's a family. I know it sounds a lil cliche but that's really what it is. A large group of us who support and back the 3 man group. There's Che, Reg, Jazz, Penny, Ryan, Jun, Devo, Blaze, O, Zo, and about 15 other names I can't think of off the top of my head. So naturally 3 years ago while sittin in the shop watching my homegirl Bebe get her tattoo I thought to myself "It's time I got a tangible representation of my affiliation" and called Perse (who was one of the guys who initiated the idea of all of us getting the letters tattooed on our fingers) and asked him "Ayo, what side of what finger is it that we are getting the tat on?" And he told me "On the finger to the left of the pinky on the right hand. The letters should be facing the pinky"  I told my (then) artist, "Yo man I want my finger tattooed." Lemme tell ya something that shit HURT! Lol, but I got it, and today, 3 years later it's still one of my most meaningful tattoos.  (They're all very meaningful but you see what I mean.)

Initially, while the fellas were going by the name 4T'reign (Che kidd as another member of the group,) BXL was the name of the camp.

BXL = BronX at Large
BXL = Be XL (Be Bigger than Big)
But above all else, we're:
BXL = Brothers eXperiencing Life - Which is what it stands for today.

I guess I'm just postin this to show my love and appreciation for my brothers. Regardless of whatever we go through or whatever happens we all brothers and nothin is gonna break that up. So now you know why me and all the soldiers salute with the 3rd finger. Next time you see me take a picture like that you not only know why, but you also see my family name.


 ^Joe Dirt^ 



So for those of ya who know me, now you know what the "3 Finger Salute" is about, for those of ya who don't know me, understand and respect it when you see it!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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