Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That's my Baby

No Nigga, that's EVERYBODY's baby! Lol

What's goin on Bull Penners? I been meaning to type this one out for a minute, well now is the perfect time. Lately, despite my  never ending attempts to ignore Hollywood and all its nonsense I been hearing alot about this girl dating this guy, this guy going out with this girl etc. etc. etc. Pretty much I'm just witnessing the hallway rumors of high school all over again.

So pretty much (I'm not late, I knew about this since the beginning) Amber Rose (formally Kanye West's arm candy) is currently with Wiz Khalifa. We all know that before Marc Anthony J. Lo was all over the industry, Jennifer Aniston was a serial dater, and Mariah Carey went from an old man to a young with a few niggas in between (I think.) Trina was doin Kenyon Martin so good the nigga went and got her lips tattooed on his neck. That would have been cool but then she started doin Soulja Boy so good that he went and got the SAME tattoo... Aight, please, excuse my French, but, what the fuck fellas? Then there's Rihanna, who provoked Chris to beat her ass like a speed bag and now she may be fondling Drake... Check me out tho, my beef aint with the women on this one, it's with the fellas.

I think my beef stems from the fact that I don't appreciate sloppy seconds. And I appreciate it much less if I know who had the plate first, feel me? See when it comes to women, I'm the kind of man who wants my own. If she has too many miles on her, then at the bare minimum, I'd rather not know who was drivin her before me. I saw that back in high school and couldn't understand it back then, so naturally I definitely don't understand it on a higher level.  How are you comfortable being with this chick knowing that she was openly with the last nigga for so long? You know they were intimate.

Number One:
If she goes from rapper to rapper, beware, she could be the Silver Surfer of the industry. For those of ya who do not follow comics or their theatrical counterparts Silver Surfer is one of the "Fantastic Four's" villains. What the Silver Surfer does is arrives on a planet, depletes any and all of its resources and then literally destroys it before leaving it. 
i.e. Kat Stacks: Now  this bitch amazed me while she was around. We Allllllll knew her m.o. She found whatever relevant rapper she could, slept with him (possibly gave him something more then a good night kiss) and then exposed all his bad habits. Whether his habits were drugs, snoring or if homie just wasn't a great performer in bed she was puttin his business out there on video in HD Doby Digital, the works!
Now, do I think she was wrong for that? To an extent, yes, but I think any man who decides to go home with her knowing what she does to niggas is the fool in this situation. Feel me?

Then of course, Kat's predecessor, Super Head... Now if you don't know about her, Google is your friend! lol
But again these hoes (for lack of a more respectful word) are just gettin in where they fit in. My beef is with the niggas who mess with them knowing they were just with the last dude. And further more knowing that she doesn't have a genuine interest in me, but my pockets.

Am I making any sense? It's weird to me. Like I could never see myself messing with a girl who was recently with a friend of mine. Or even an acquaintance, its just not my style. In fact on FaceBook and Twitter, before I decide to initiate predator mode I see who my mutual friends are with this girl, and if any one of them had anything with her then I immediately fall back. So when I heard that Amber Rose is smart cause she's marrying Wiz, I thought to myself, "Ummmm, no she's not, we all know that these Hollywood marriages last for no longer than 6 and a half weeks." plus she was JUST with Kanye 4 and a half weeks ago. I just don't need to have a face to accompany the thought of your past lovers. Simple. To take it a step further the nigga went and tattooed Amber's name on him! Lmfao! C'mon bruh, you serious? lol

If this is your style then by all means, live it out. I'm not trying to throw jabs at anyone nor am I trying to insult anyone, just sharing how I feel about it. The same way I wouldn't respect anyone who's messing with any chick I was messin with, I couldn't respect myself knowin I'm messin with a chick that one of my mans was dealing with. But like I always say, this is just my opinion, you don't have to like it. Keep it movin like most do, movin into the last niggas goods! Lolol, Later ya.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.

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