Monday, April 4, 2011

No Trespassing (Feeding Time)

Yooooo! Do I have one for ya tonight!
Aight so around 6:20ish tonight I went to go walk Juno. So on the way back I see a kid going down into the back of a building nearby my crib. I automatically thought to myself "Oh boy, this can't be good" because where he was headed was death! See the sectioned off area where he was going to was the basement level of the building where a few guard dogs (pit bulls) live. So there's about 5 pit bulls (2 of which are puppies) and they all look like they don't take nonsense. Imagine the typical pitbulls, cropped ears big teeth, and adorable eyes but you know damn well they are not to be messed with.

So as I get closer I see the one boy hanging off the side of the fire escape while his big brother (the one in danger) was hanging off a ledge holding on for dear life with the fear of God in his eyes. So before I know it, the leg that was danglin was grabbed by one of the dogs and that's when it was feeding time. In my (almost 24 years) of living my eyes have never witnessed such gruesomeness. The alpha male began to bite the little kid in several places ripping his jeans right off of him while the others went for his limbs and face. they dragged him at least 5 or 6 feet and continued upon moving. The kid screamed "THEY GOT ME" while his little brother looking on in terror screamed "MY BROTHEEERRR, PLEASE DON'T LET HIM DIE! HELP HIM!" A couple had been standing there since before I got there and was starring on in amazement. I asked "Do you have a cell phone?" and the guy replied "She does, she's calling the police. While we waited the mauling continued. The guy gave me a look that said "Go down there and help him," I replied with a look that said "You must be out ya rabbit ass mind brotha!"

So some mauling continued and someone graciously threw a bucket of water out the window over the dogs and they dispersed for a minute. This gave the young boy just enough time to run away but instead of grabbing the ladder to the fire escape he ran further into the basement. I yelled "RUN! RUN!, NO NO, NOT THAT WAY, GRAB THE LADDER" in all the excitement the little boy surely couldn't hear me and ran to the other side of the basement, where the dogs followed. But this time he was okay, he managed to get up on the ledge and waited for the police to arrive as the dogs jumped like alligators  jumping from the water to reach some prey. In the blink of an eye literally the police managed to get the kid over to the other side of the fence.

He returned with 65% of his jeans ripped off, his snow boots eaten off his feet with his socks exposed and blood and tears all over. It was a terrible sight to see. The crowd grew while all this was taking place, but once the couple police officers were there I took it as a cue "I'm outta here, I don't eff with police! Plus I will not give a statement!" Lol, Plus I had Juno with me, and there was no way I was gonna let some pigs accuse my baby of anything lol.

Here's My thoughts on the situation:
Nah Nah Nah, Don't hit me with no "OMG" or none of that nonsense. The area (as I said) is not easily accessible from the street level, so there is absolutely no justification as to why he was there. What the hell was so intriguing that he wanted to get close enough to get bitten? I mean I myself am about 4 times bigger than the kid and I walk by there almost everyday, and I don't care if my basketball, hat or shoe falls back there, I am NOT going down there. Those dogs look like the bench press 250 pounds a piece and the alpha male barks at me regardless of anything when I walk through. Yeah it's unfortunate that this happened to the kid but I pray that those "GUARD" dogs are not put down over this, at the end of the day they are animals doing what they do, protecting their area and keeping intruders out at all cost. But yeah folks, just keep the kid in your prayers. He was seemingly okay but I don't know if the dogs had rabies or anything that could harm the child or worse.

A Reminder to the kids: Keep ya asses away from guard dogs. Don't be mischievous when it comes to risking your lives. And to lil man and his brother who endured this, my prayers are with ya!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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