Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kissin and Tellin'

Aight ladies, ya aint think I was gonna let ya slide right? Lol, sit ya beautiful asses down!
Ya read the last post and I know a lot of ya were grateful for the manual I left ya with... But you know I gotta look out for the fellas! Lol, I was just gettin ya out the way first, like I said, I'm a gentleman "Ladies First" but this one is for the fellas.

So fellas remember I said that the ladies go to the wolf to tell them everything about her and her man's relationship? Aight well what makes you think there's anything keepin her from sharing whatever it is you have with her?

This is to the fellas with or without girlfriends. For the fellas that's just bonin their main squeeze. For that nigga that's playin the game and going through as many females as he can. Ya need to know that for every girl you deal with there's 1.5 other people that know how you puttin it down. 1.5 Other girls (and even some dudes) that know all your strengths, weaknesses, short comings and where ever or whatever you excel in. TRUST me fellas.
I know some of ya may be thinkin "Nah, not the joints I deal with," Niggah! (Katt Williams voice) ESPECIALLY the ones YOU deal with! I do admit there's maybe 2 or 3 females that really don't share things from their relationship with their homegirls, but unless you the boyfriend or husband there's a good chance that ya shorty's homegirl knows about those funny faces you be making when you on top and all the posing you doin in the mirror while you hittin it from the back. Lmao. Females might say they don't kiss and tell but there's always that somebody that she shares her sex stories with. This is just how the game goes, which is why we should always be on our P's and Q's (Does anyone know what P's and Q's are? why do we say that? lol Anyway) If we on our P's and Q's then anything bad that she's sayin about us got to be made up.

See pillow talk is a dangerous thing, she may not just be talkin to her homegirl Sheila about it, she might even be tellin the next nigga about how whack you were. Either to boost his ego or maybe because she's so happy to be gettin somethin better that she throws you and your pipe game under the bus. Lol Woman are foul my nigga, but I think it's the bullshit that we love about em.
It doesn't end with just pipe game, it's almost everything. Take a group of like 3 couples all the fellas are tight, they boys, they go watch the game at Will's crib every Sunday and the girls go to the mall.... There's things about Will that Tim knows and Will never told Tim shit about it. Lol and there's def things about Tim that Steven knows and Tim never told him. So how do they know? Cause Sheila, Diane, and Heather is tellin their man everything that these other hoes is tellin each other. So now Tim knows that Will eats ass, and Steve knows that Tim had a gay fantasy about 2Pac back in the day! Lmfao!

Fellas it is imperative that you know who you dealin with and know what to share and what not to share. Cause the girls are definitely talkin! Don't believe me? I know two girls who have absolutely nothing to do with each other and they have both let me hear voicenotes that two completely different dudes sent them. Complainin about not gettin time with them and being head over heels for them etc. etc. Oh yeah, you making yourself too vulnerable is ALWAYS a topic of dicussion at game night. And I been to my fair share of game nights. Lol

I know this one was short and sweet, but it was simply a follow up to the previous post. Be careful with these lil cuties out here. Once you bag you are dealin with at least 2 people and you don't even know it. Lol, So keep doin what you doin but understand that your whole game is being reviewed by the front office and by front office I mean shorty's whole squad! lol.

Be Safe ya.
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

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