Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've Missed you So much Baby!

And you told me I'd be back too....
I hope you not still mad at me, I know things got heated last time we spoke. For what its worth, it wasn't all my fault, you just packed up and left. Left me here cold, but the last chick I was with wasn't any better to me. No matter how hard I tried to keep the warmth between us she was always so cold to me. I told her that we couldn't be together, I outgrew her and I told her that my true love always was and always will be you.... Don't think I forgot you throw me the best birthday parties baby. Like I said before I know we had our bumps last time, but I'm older now and I truly believe that now I've learned how you should be and how you deserve to be treated. With all that said I hope your willing and able to take me back with open arms.... C'mon, remember the times we had? We've known each other since we were kids. And as we've gotten older we had hot days but we always cooled down by night time, we never went to bed together heated. You didn't forget these did you?:
^Us in 07^

^I Still remember this day! Lol, shhhh, 
Its still our Secret

^Boy what a Night right?

^Us in 08, Remember When I cut my hair
for you?

^You Bought me Everything but the white tee! 

^Our favorite place in the world:
The Parks of NYC

See baby, how could you say I don't Love you? I dedicated a whole Blog post to you... Something that no other female could ever say! So to you baby,
My Dear Summer, now that your back, lets make it last this time! Don't be cruel and Harsh and I'll promise to stay cool.

Stay Up ya'll and Stay Tuned!

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