Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Weekend

"Lo que me Paso a mi fue tan ordinario, te voy hacer el quento....."
Lmfao, That was maaaad Spanish of me. My fault folks, I gotta be so real, That's my joint right now lolol.

But anyway this is, or should I say was it! The first weekend of the summer. If the calendar didn't remind you then I'm sure the sight of each and every pump open on each block and the 95 degree evening did. Once again my romance with the season begins... How was ya weekend? Mine was dope. So like I said Tessina had moved her appointment for her tattoo to Saturday and so I met up with her downtown and we walked over to Dare Devil/Fun City tattoo. We met up with her artist for the tattoo, Steve Vonriepen who was gonna Tattoo some dope wings and her Gemini sign on her back.
 ^Don't let this fool you, she was making some faces^
lol. Nah, she took it like a champ tho.

 ^You know I'm the spokes person for originality^
 so don't go copyin her joint

So we did that and when it was done we came back up top to my nephew Dejour's birthday cookout. He just turned 3 the other day and so his Mommy and Daddy gave him a Tom & Jerry party in the park.

[A Dope Double Picture of Dejour and Jayden was supposed
to be inserted here, but Blogger is acting brand new, so check it out here 

So that was Saturday.... I got to chill with Tessina, chilled with fam, Tattoos and Pics you know that's always a good time for me.

So Yesterday was my cousin Alex's HS graduation (Super Proud of her) and so I swung by and checked that out and spent most of the afternoon with the fam talkin, eating, laughing, you know the family thing. We (The fellas) were all supposed to play ball, but that didn't go through. Instead RyPlay, Mylez and myself checked out te BET awards.... Usually I don't watch it and speak publically out against it but I can't front this year was pretty dope. I must admit, Chris Brown shut it down! That's all I'll say tho.... So now I'm just chillen. Word on the street is I'm goin to 6 Flags tomorrow so that should be fun, If I do you already know imma have the story for ya! DUECES!


Stay Up and Stay Tuned
-Summer in NYC-

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