Monday, June 21, 2010

More Fun with Candace

Ya know who Candace is right? My baby.... My camera, Candace the Cannon... lol
I haven't given ya a set of new Pics since April (I think.) Oh Well here I am with more. I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as I'm loving my photography, check these recent joints out, hopefully ya like em, and if you don't well, can't pleas em all right?

^Aight, so this one I loved sooo effin much for various reasons. My homegirl Kierra who I worked with a while back contacted me and told me she had an idea for a shoot. (For the record when you come to me with an idea I'm that much more excited) Her idea was to slightly recreate the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' I had never seen the movie but I've heard of it a few times, so I did some research and decided that Bryant park would be a great spot to do the shoot. So literally after weeks of planning and not being able to do it, one Sunday we finally met up and did the shoot with my homegirls cousin Sabirah (the model in the pic) who was just as cool and fun as Kierra is. I edited it with this filter to give it an old school look, as if it were taken in the 70's or something. One of my favorites to date.

^Meet Nina! My big brother Chris (CFK Photography) hit me up a few days ago and told me we'd be doing a shoot on the beach. You already know I don't need much convincing at all.... Soon as he said that I had my flip flops and sun tan lotion ready to go! Lol. So this past weekend, he came and got me and we headed to the beach. This was my first time doing an outdoor shoot with the assistance of lights, and I gotta say I'm real proud of how they came out. Nina was real cool, easy and fun to work with, that's always dope and as you can see it resulted in some great images.

^Do you remember this little guy? It's Prince Dejour again, my 1 out of 2 favorite nephews (Jayden is the other in case your wondering) lol. I was at my boy Reg's house like always the other day and his energetic son (Dejour) was running up and down the house, bouncing off the walls and doing who knows what else lol. When I asked him if I could take a picture of him he said "Noooo" lol, so I left it alone, finally he came around and sat down for a few shots, I asked him if he would wear his shades and he did! This has got to be the coolest pic this young man has ever taken lolol.

^And do you recognize this Daredevil here? Lol Yup, its my big bro, my cousin Killa Ken. This is his second summer with his bike and he's been asking for a photo shoot since. Finally we both had the time to make it happen this weekend and he came over to my neck of the woods and we drove to the spot where we had done Buddy's Graffiti shoot. He took some great pics, so editing was a breeze, I especially like this one... What do you think?

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
and what do you know, today is the official first day of summer, so there a million more shoots to come. Hope you guys are ready, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll be back very soon, and I'm sure I'll find you all here.

Til then
Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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