Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What's goin on folks? No need to speak much on this one: aside from telling you how ridiculously proud of my brother I am, what more could you possibly say? Lol On June 5th he walked down the isle of St. Patrick's Cathedral Church, after hearing his name be called and was handed his Diploma (not really the actual Diploma, but the certificate thing, you know what I mean lol)

I still remember his first day of High School. Lil corny, chubby faced kid, in the dress shoes, mom bought him and his lil uniform.... lol. But lemme stop tryna play him. I say all that to say this: Rudy, I am beyond proud of you lil brother, I know there were ups and I know there were downs, but you hung in there, you made it through 4 long hard years and you earned yourself you High School Diploma. No words can explain how proud i am of you, regardless of what you decide to do from here, I am so happy knowing that my lil brother is a HS graduate.

With all that said, (before I get teary eyed lol enjoy the pics everyone)

^Right before the Ceremony^

^One of Rudy's best friends since^

^St. Patrick's Cathedral^
I swear Imma get married in here

^Proud parents^
Tight cause there were no seats.
"You Mad!" lol

^Find my Lil Man's name^

^Mad Far^

^Oh, I was... uh...^
Testing the lighting

^My Man Manny^

^I see you Big baby^

    ^Lookin to the future^

^Rudy and my man Keith^

^Kadeem, Rudy, Keith^

^Rudy and one of his Teachers^

^Rudy and Young Diddy Combs^

^Official Class Picture^

^Rudy and his Proud Parents^

^Momma's Boys^

^The Gutierrez Men^

^This young men had me feeling^
Under dressed

^Rudy and the Valedictorian Ruben^

^Barkin at the Driver^
Where in the F%$k is the
Maybach? Its hot out here!

^One last pic with a former teacher^

Once again, Congrats to my lil brother, all his friends and to the entire Class of 2010. 
Stay Up, and Stay Tuned

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Will said...

congrats to your brother! my brother graduated last year and I was so proud of him. Are you throwing him a graduation party? I sadly did not have one but my brother did too ( and lil man created a dorm wish list at myregistry.com lol - figured he might as well make the most of his good fortune and my parent's pride haha). Anyway, nice post. Brings back memories!