Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in a Name?

Ladies, its no secret that I love you all, and if you know me, you know I do not believe in or follow astrology: BUT I got somethin ya might wanna check out:

Amanda - are Bubbly, they usually coo and are pretty much down for a good time if spoken to properly.

Ashley - outspoken, sometimes lacks sence of humor but appreciates a good joke. Can sometimes be fiesta. Always warm

Brittany - Freaks and Ditsy

Christines - Reserved Freaks, and they are pleasant, friendly, but never cross a Christine, it won't be pretty

Emily - Usually Domesticated, so they house broken, they know how to act.

Jennifer - are...... Confused, Very Sexual tho.

Jessica - entertaining. Thinkers, Usually have nice big round...... Eyes *wink*

Kimberly - Freaks but abusive, but they FREAKS. Usually very Well Put together.

Lisa - Sexy!

Melissa - Usually spanish, Always Freaks, they come is several body types, but all of em are built for comfort

Michelle - Usually smart, great sense of humor, and usually quiet freaks.

Stephanie - Super Complicated. So complicated, they don't even realize that they being complicated. They make for good conversation tho.

Samantha - Gorgeous! Always. Usually closet freaks.

Tiffany - Super coo, usually got jokes. Can Be one of the Homies, fits in with every crew of guys, but can also be affectionate and territorial.

YUP! I went there! The "Ladies name Rate" lolol. Feel how you want about it. lol
Get back to me.

Stay Up, and Stay Tuned!