Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bull Pen x Lavish Life Collab

Eno: Whats goin on Bull Penners and Lavish Lifers, yes I said the Lavish Life, I'm here with my cuz Capital H, of http://juscapitalh.blogspot.com/ (If you aint up on his blog you need to be... one of the very few that I follow--go check it out now) and we been goin back and forth for a minute now, discussion a collaboration post. So fasten ya seat belt, its gonna be a fast smooth ride! (Pause)

Capital H: MANNNNN!!!! This Is Major Out Here First Callabo Of Many! If You Aint Know We RUN This Blog Shit! So You Are Now A Part Of HISTORY!! Get Ready For Fly Shit To Bless Your Screen!!! YESSSS! (Hov Voice)...

Eno: Aight first order of Business, a few weeks ago cuzzo mentioned a new Benz, now me being the ill car fanatic I am it was only right I go to Google and educate myself on the beast, and boy oh boy was I blown away! By now you probably asking yourself which car it was: I won't keep ya waitin any longer: here it is-

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
^^This is the Mercedes-Benz SLS-AMG that Our Lord Jesus Christ
drives around the streets of Heaven!^^

All I can say is hjdksba hjk dhdsjbkhjd hbyhewhj - Thats literally all I can say, I was left SpeechLess, Ayo H, how you feel about this bad boy?

Capital H: SHEEEEESSHHH!!!! I Ain't Even Wanna Let Ya See This!!! Like Your First Day Of School Outfit!!! Nobody Seein That Shit!!! But this car is the epitome of when God assembles a vehicle! I would just hop out this shit and Ghost Ride it like them niggaz do in Oakland lol I don't even think the owner of Mercedes is driving this car around. Once the doors go up is OVA! This is what STYLE is you could keep those Lambos.. Give me this and a model bitch and I'm GOOD! (Clipse Voice)!!! Check out the website I swear this shit better than Porn! lmfao http://www.sls-amg-magazine.com/

Eno: Like the many elements that my Cuz H and I bring to you via blog post, I feel this car symbolizes, difference, and unique Quality... Styled after the original, the 1960 "Mercedes Benz 300 SL" (as Seen in the Kanye West - Diamonds by Sierra Leone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92FCRmggNqQ ) the car is a moving piece of art! I feel that seeing as how the car hasn't been seen in many places if any, it was up to me and my cuz H to bring it to you First, Live and Direct!

Capital H: Reason why this post about this whip is just simply look at IT! Shit is a STATEMENT whip! Symbolizes you have ARRIVED and DEPARTED at the SAME TIME! And we ORIGINALITY at it FINEST! So Enjoy! O yea the original car was one of the first "Bond Cars"...

^^Come FLY With Me!^^

So til Next Time
Stay Up, and Stay Tune.

Shout outs to my Cuz Capital H for Collabin with me, check him out!

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Jemeka said...

HAWT!! Oh I gotta start followin CapitalH too!! I'm on it....