Thursday, January 21, 2010

That BXL Ish

By now if you aint familiar with my brothers BXL then you've obviously been living under a rock! But regardless of all that, They been in the lab grindin heavy and making sure they continue to bring fire for ya mind each time they leave the booth!

Well 2010 is here and the BXL train hasn't stopped or slowed down one bit since the last year and today I wanna bring to you their latest video

BXL Ish/ I'm Ill

Directed by: BXL
Produced by: BXL
Edited by: BXL
I said it before and I'll say it again, my crew is MEAN! Its about time the people of the world opened their eyes and let em in! Underground Hip-Hop continues to be what the mainstream SHOULD be...

Please be sure to call or text Power 105.1 to request BXL music
Call: (800) 585 1051
Text: 41051

Also Follow them on Twitter:
Severe Jones @SevereJones
Joe Dirt @JoeDirt730
Buddy Mylez @BuddyMylez

Support me by supportin my team! Thanks a mil in advance ya'll

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


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Thank you Ms. Vanity, you know you gotta be in the Next one!