Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boss of the Borough

My brother from another mother hit me up on FaceBook today and asked me for a favor.... he hit me up and asked me if I could post his homies new music video on his favorite blog (thats this one) if I liked it enough. Now as soon as I got to the link it looked like it was gonna be a dope video, and you know I support underground artist heavy. So once the 3 minutes plus were up I told my brother Deascent (He's been mentioned before on the blog--do your research) "I got you homie" and D, since I know your reading this now, I knew I was gonna post it 30 seconds in... lol> On some A&R tip I was drawn in quickly. So with no further delay 'Tha Bull Pen' presents to you:

Boss of the Borough

Product Boss of the Borough from Media Mecca on Vimeo.

So shout out to the artist Product for a dope video and also shout outs to Buzz of 'MindState' for the beat and of course, my brotha Deascent for bring this all to my attention.

Support Underground Hip-Hop folks, it is what the main stream should be!
Stay Up & Stay Tuned!

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Jemeka said...

I like this post a lot..I like the song and the video is hot too..Also, I COMPLETELY agree with you when you say that underground Hip Hop is what the main stream {should} be..Great post!