Saturday, August 27, 2011

Romance & Rebellion (Hurricane Irene Night 1)

Yooooo, what's going on folks? So for those of ya who don't know, the East coast is supposed to be gettin hit with a hurricane tonight (Saturday @ midnight) and I don't know how long it's supposed to last. Me personally, I'm convinced this is just another Y2K, remember that? I mean they even shut down the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) for my non new York readers, or those of ya who didn't know what it stood for. Granted, it's better to be safe than sorry, but if you ask me this is some sort of government cover-up to something big. Like maybe some aliens are coming down to get settled under ground in Connecticut and there needs to be a distraction, but that's neither here nor there.... Lemme shut my mouth before I end up missing. Lol

^Look at Grand Central Station^
In my whole 24 years of living in NYC I've never
seen the MTA shut down like this. Crazy!

Needless to say I'm home, bored out of my skull. It's been raining all day and with this so called "Hurricane on it's way, the city has been shut down. I been sitting here watchin TV and thinking about my usual all day. I gotta be real with you, I wanna go to this girl crib and get some mean wops. But considering that the cabs and or busses or trains aint workin, and there's NO way in hell I'm walkin over there, I don't see that happening! Lol.

Anyway I got an Eno Bull News Update for ya:
I've decided (about a week or two ago) that I am gonna start growing out my beard til January.

 ^Day 1^
Full Story Here:

However this blog post is about something I heard while I was watching TV (if you can consider it watching, it was more like listening while surfing the web.) But while a show about Hot Rods was playing, I heard a dude say "This car is all Romance and Rebellion" or something to that effect. And it was just one of those things that catches your ear and sticks with you. Like it was meant for me to hear it. Why you ask? Because those two words together are what make me. I am the marriage of Romance and Rebellion. I mean think about it, sometimes a hopeless romantic and always a rebel. I swear when I heard it, it was poetry to me. I swear I feel it's almost Tattoo worthy, but I may not go that far. But I do know I want to use it as a title for something. Maybe a future project, or maybe the words will just rest in the background of my thoughts til they serve some sort of purpose for me. But I just wanted to share that with ya. It won't be the last time ya hear those words from me "Romance and Rebellion!"

Stay Up and Stay Tuned.
And please be safe, Avoid going out if you don't have to and be with your families!

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