Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gay Kids

Disclaimer: This blog post has a lot to do with homosexuality and I would greatly appreciate you reading it all the way through and understanding each word before you decide to comment in a negative light or make me out to be some sort of monster. I don't need any gay rights activist on my ass for this.

Aight gettin right into this topic. I woke up today and did my norm. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, had breakfast and decided to check facebook before I get strarted on whatever work I have to do. On facebook I came across my homie Fray's status mentioning something about a petition to allow Bert and Ernie (The lovable Sesame Street characters) to be/get married on the show. I kinda brushed it off but then on my homegirl Ina's blog, the same topic was mentioned. I for one do not at all agree with this and I will tell you why.
You see my problem is not with homosexual people, and I want that to be understood. Although some do irk me because of the way they choose to behave, but this is not about that. My problem is with your sexual preference being shoved and forced down other people's throat. I know I use it as a defense to my case each time this subject is brought up, but I have a cousin who is a huge lesbian. She could even pass for a man faster than I can, but I love her no less. Granted i don't see her often, but when I do I hug her and treat her the way she should be treated, like a human being. If I had a gay cousin or other family member, the same would apply to him. I have no problems with gays what so ever. None. But I do have a problem with gays throwing their business in my face. Understand where I'm coming from? Do you see where I'm going?
It's one thing to throw it in my face but it's quite another to expose this whole topic to impressionable children. I personally think it's wrong and borderline morally irresponsible to do such a thing. Sesame Street has been around for longer than many of us have even been alive. It's taught billions of children how to recite their ABC's and count their 123's. But do we really need it to teach our children what homosexuality is... I mean we've never had to teach the children of heterosexuality right? No one ever force fed opposite sex relationships to the kids. Big Bird never Gloria, or any of the other females on the show, so why should Bert and Ernie be married? I mean we all grow up and think those 2 are gay anyway, they're always together, they argue and bicker like a married couple and might as well sleep in the same bed as close as their beds are. But that all comes from the loss of innocence. As a kid you don't think that way because you're just not thinking about sex or anything sexual for that matter. And that's exactly what Marrying Bert and Ernie will do to the children, remove their vail of innocence. This is no different than exposing your children to sex too early. Is this not why you don't allow your children to watch HBO and MTV before a certain age? Because there's way too much obvious sex going on? Girls wearing close to nothing, grown people grindin on each other in music videos? How is that any different then saying "Hey boys and girls, you are all invited to Bert and Ernie's Wedding this Saturday?"
If a child grows up to be a young adult who is attracted to the same sex, sexually or otherwise, then that is just fine, but only, ONLY if that is the young man/woman's decision they made on their own. Not a decision based on confusion and force feeding from the media and the people around them. No one had to tell me or my little brother "You're gonna grow up and like woman, not men" these are things you allow your children to decide for themselves. The same way society doesn't flaunt being heterosexual, and don't give us an annual "Straight Parade" it shouldn't overly flaunt and heavily promote gays. If you're a homosexual then okay, I understand, but please don't force it on me. That's no different than forcing religion on someone. And please excuse me for mentioning that because I wanna keep religion as far away from this discussion as possibly. I wanna argue with y mind, not my Bible. But you get where I'm goin with this.
So as far as this topic is concerned, please let the record show that I have no problems with gays and lesbians. To each it's own but I do have a problem with you trying to make the entire planet gay like you. That's wrong! This also does not mean you go bashing gay people, or making them feel like outcast, be supportive of their decision, I just don't want anyone forcing anything on anyone else. I hope I've made myself clear.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!


CrockettRules said...

So now I have to go and see what this whole issue is about. Luckily my children are pass the Seasame Street age. I wonder why it is necessary for Bert and Ernie to be married they have never even dated and after shacking up all this time (cause this would also promote living together) it seems pointless. They don't even have jobs I never even thought they were adults!!

Eno Bull said...

I don't think I know who you are CrockettRules, but first and foremost, thank you so very much for taking the time out to not only read my blog but to comment on it. Also I appreciate the fact that you seem to share my views. I just find it ridiculous. Sesame Street would have no right to promote such an adult situation to children. If we're gonna promote Gay marriage to kids, then let's also have Rappers on the show, promoting their views on drug and strippers.
Why not add a Snoop Dogg and Uncle Luke segment. These things kill me.
But again, thank you so much for taking the time out to read and respond, I appreciate you very much and let's hope your children's children don't have to grow up in a world where Bert and Ernie are married....

Jus said...

Good point... The visual of one of our childhood shows exposing 2 gay muppets is not only wrong but immoral. Shame on you PBS!!

Eno Bull said...


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with this not being a necessary event on Sesame Street. Children are exposed to sexuality way too early in life, and we should protect and promote childhood and innocence.

However, this is where I don't think that heterosexuals have their "own" shows or flaunt their idealistic beliefs? What about The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bridezillas, the vast amount of dating shows, etc.
And as for the parades??? Hetero's do not have their own pride parades because we are the majority. Same reason there are HBC's and the NAACP. Minorities need support from the majority from time to time.

Eno Bull said...

I guess you have a point Anonymous... But are children really watching those reality 'searching for love' kind of shows? That is where the difference comes in!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct. Two completely separate issues. Just had to make my point in regards to shows promoting/flaunting heterosexuality and the parade business. As far as the kid shows are concerned....100% agree.

Eno Bull said...