Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday's Eve

What's going on ya? It's that time of the year again! My birthday is here.... Or at least it will be here tomorrow, or tonight at midnight depending on which kind of clocker you are. Lol, either way we are on the eve of my 24th birthday and I just wanna take this time out to give thanks for so many things, cause Lord knows tonight I will be intoxicated and it's possible that tomorrow I will still be intoxicated. So let's just get this out the way now.

(The big guy upstairs)
I wanna thank God for continuing to bless me with life each morning thus far. He and I both know that it's not promised and that at any given moment I can breath my last breath. I know that he's disappointed in me every time I have an unproductive day, but he also knows I'm workin on it, right Big Homie? Lol, Thank You Lord!

(My Main Lady)
Words couldn't possibly begin to explain how much I love my moms yo! For real, we may have a few disagreements and sometimes I KNOW I piss her off, she tends to get on my left from time to time but that doesn't take away our love for each other. And although I tell her every day that God gives me life, I  love her. And if it wasn't for her and my father I wouldn't be here today, typing these words for ya to read! So this one is for the My main Lady. I Love you Ma!

(My support system)
There's really not much I can say about em that I haven't already said a million times. I love em to death b! Literally. Good, Bad, Bad hair days, Ugly sweaters and all... Lmao! I'm playin ya'll I love ya Sweaters. Lol, But to all my cousins, my aunts, uncles, grand parents, friends of the fam that I was told to call Aunt and Uncle as a kid, I love ya, and I continue to be grateful for being born into this clan. I wouldn't change eith of ya for the world!

The Fellas
(Rep yo Set!) No particular order at all.
Rudy - My lil brother... I feel the older you get the closer we become. I want you to know that I truly regret every moment I ditched you and left you behind when we were younger. I don't ever want you to think it's cause I didn't like/love you man. I was just being a dickhead for reasons that I will probably never understand. Watching you become a young man and sorta feel like I had little to do with it bothers me, but because of that I'm gonna work double hard to make up for it, and from here on out you know your spot is reserved right next to me meng! I love you man, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for giving me the coolest Lil Brother in the world!

Mylez - Mom never had children before me B, so God saw it fit to put you here. There's no words homie. You got my back like no other person ever has. We a regular Ren and Stimpy like Eish calls us! (Shout outs to you too Eish, I love you big Sis) Bull for Mylez til the casket drops man. I appreciate everything you do, everything you tell me and all the lessons you teach me, even when you don't realize that you teaching, I'm learning and I hope you know that. Thanks for bein my big brother man, I know it's a headache most of the times, but I know you don't give up on me and for that I appreciate you ore than words will ever tell.

Keith - My new Big ass Lil brother lol. (For those of ya who may or may not know, Keith is Rudy's best friend and he's been around for long enough to make my list) What's it been now bruh? A year or so... I got soo much love for you man that blood couldn't make us any closer. You've become a part of my family and regardless of anything that will never change. As I'm sure I've proven to you once or twice, I got your back and I love you lil bro. And don't be embarrassed when I call you lil bro, lol I say it with a tremendous amount of love.

Perse - Cuzzo, the comedian... (Lol, nah, I really do think you funny b, I just don't be wantin to give you the satisfaction of lettin you know you made me laugh! lolol) But honestly cuz, I just appreciate everything you do meng. You are a walking, talking ball of creativity and talent. If I never told you, or if you've forgotten I've always been inspired by you to do and be better. I look up yo you and I feel blessed to have such a person like you on my team. Nothin we can't do as a team bruh!

Dirt - Damn bruh... I'm turning 24 tomorrow... and I've known you since I was 6. You see how old we are man? Lol, but I only mention that to show that when we say "Family" that's exactly what we mean. We came up together and I've always considered you to be something more than just a friend. You my brother, no different than any other nigga on this list. No matter what happens, no matter what we go through we gonna always be family. I appreciate your presence in my life cuzzo. And you BETTER be at my Party tonight Muh Fuckah! Lol.

Reg - Ahhh man, this nigga here... The hardest working man in Show Business... Reg what's good homie. I don't ever tell you, cause you a wild boy, but I respect you with all my heart brother. I got nothin but love for you. Stace hit the buzzer beater when she brought you home and introduced you/brought you into the family (Shout outs to you Stace) lol. But for real bruh I love you man and you deserve all the greatness that is coming your way. We bout to quit these "Regular Nigga" Jobs and we gonna be RICH! Lol.

Che  - Che, you ever seen "Good Will Hunting?" I'm sure you have, but incase you haven't there's a scene towards the end where where Ben Affleck's character tells Matt Damon character (who is a bonafide genius) something along the lines of: "Every morning I drive up to your house and wait for you to come out, and a part of me hopes that you're not there. Because that would mean that you've left this place to go on to be something and someone better! Away from here where there's nothing" I don't know the exact quote but I say that to say: I/We don't see you as much anymore, but I know and I truly believe that it's because you've gone on to be something and someone better. You hear stories about people who come from the hood and go on to be amazing things, doctors, lawyers, politicians and whatever other character that's responsible for all the good and the general progression of society. But so rarely do we know those people personally. You the brother I don't get to see often but I'm always hearing good news that continues to make me proud of you man! You may change the world some day some how, but when you become a hero I'll be able to say "Please, he was my hero back when he was still chillen on the stoop!" How real is that? How many people know their heroes since before they had a costume? Love you meng.

H - Young Capital H/Hernan, you here baby! Too often I read over what I've written when I'm paying homage to my team and think to myself, "Damn son, how the f&*k I leave out H?" Not this year homie, you here and you should know in my book, you've been here all along. You're just the owner of an I.D. that states your old enough to hang now. Lol I love chillen with you and being in your presence cuz. You're so full of creativity and drive. Inspiration and great potential. I think you gonna be the stylist of the world cuz, and not just with clothes, I mean with any and everything you decide to put your hands on! Real rap. Let's take over together cuzzo.

Ry Play - My lil Cuz/Big Bro... Lol, and you know why I call you both. You aint never counted out homie.... You off doing your own thing, living a life that some of us don't even know exist. It's such an honor to feel like you're learning from someone, even more so when that person is younger than you (Only in literal age tho) I can't wait to go over to the other side of the fence and take that walk of life with you cuz. I know you'll be there to help shed light on the path. I love you man, come home soon G! We miss you out here.

Penny - Perse's man since who knows how long. But as a whole you know how we do, my man's man is my mans too. And even if you weren't Perse's right hand man I think you'd still be the homie. Bruh, I don't know a nigga cooler, calmer and more collected than you b! Lolol, so you know I thank my lucky starts that we got a nigga like you on our corner. You the homie and like I done said about the others her, blood couldn't make us any closer meng. Be cool like I know you always gonna be Cool! lol

Dwayne - Hank McCoy himself! Damn D, where the hell did 10 years go b? Lol, I still can't believe it's been a decade sometimes. You know how people have friends.... I've realized that I don't think I believe in the concept of friends, there's the family that God places us in and there's family that we consciously choose, you are def a part of the ladder. We been through our ups and downs as homies and we still homies. That's just living proof that we have a bond as thick as thieves, and if it hasn't been broken yet it never will be. I know we gonna have each others back from now til the big man calls us man! Love you homie. Give em Hell out in Boston while you there too, and hurry back, you know we don't fucks with Sox and other shit like that! Lol

Fray - Another One! LOL! Every single time I think to myself "Damn, son, I'm going to hell for that one" the thought is followed by "Well, at least Fray will be there with me" LMAO! And believe me brother, I mean that with the utmost love and respect for you. You that member of the family that EVERYONE knows not to look at when an old man falls and screams in pain and agony cause EVERYONE knows you gonna have the face, the "Aight, I know it's wrong to laugh so I'm gonna try not to laugh" face. And Lord knows if I look at that face Imma LMAO with you lolol. It's good to have niggas like that on your team. Glad we brothers man! Continue to be who you are, Eff what the world thinks, says, or tells you to be.

Chris CFK - You didn't think I was gonna leave you out right homie? I'm not even gonna mention the photography aspect of it cause you already know. Beyond that, as a friendship a brotherhood I have such a deep respect for you. You're a teacher by nature and because of that I know you're going to be an amazing Father to lil Tristan. He and Kay are very fortunate to have a head of family like you. I got love for you cause you just a cool dude that's tryna make his mark on the world in the cleanest way possible, and naturally because I'm tryna do the same we click. Thanks for everything homie, I don't think I'll ever stop thanking you, so you might as well get used to it... You don't even have to say "You're welcome" anymore... lolol.

The Girls - Every last one of ya. My female cousins. Lindsay, Julie, Roxanna, Bianca, Nitza (even tho she's NEVER around, but I know she's gonna read this) lol. Jerilyn, Mercy, Ieisha, Sue, all the younger ones, Samantha, Denissa, Alex, all of ya. I love ya more than words can explain. So when I ask ya to go get me a plate of food take it as a sign of love. It's like saying "I trust you with my food cause I know you'd never cause me any harm...." And that says a lot. being trusted with food is BIG Business! LOLOL.

My Health
(Or whatever is left of it)
I thank God that I am and continue to be a healthy young man, born with no deformities or illnesses. And that's not at all a jab at anyone who was born that way, it's just something that too many of us take for granted and gorget to say "Thank You" for. So I'm saying it for all of us "Thank You."

*Oh and to the future Mrs. Bull, I been single long enough baby. I'm ready for you to come home to me!

And I guess that's it... To anyone I might have left out, please don't think I don't like you or have love for you, the things/people I mentioned are just those nearest to me. The ones that I see on a regular basis. So don't think I forgot you, I see you there, and I appreciate you for being here. Thanks for them too lord.

So I guess this is the wrap-up. On the eve of my 24th Birthday, I'm just thankful to be here man. I have another 367 days before I beat that ugly "No living passed 25" statistic. Lol. Take care ya. I may be M.I.A tomorrow, but I'll try to come back next week with pictures and a few words to express how much fun I had.

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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