Saturday, August 20, 2011

The OG

This post has little to do with anything. I literally felt the need to post some pictures of me and my grandmother on the internet, and so what better place to showcase em than on 'Tha Bull Pen?'

I went to grandma's Nursing home today and figured I'd bring Candace along because I can't remember the last time grandma and I took a picture together.
Obviously (you should) know that I have more love for this woman than words can even begin to explain, and I feel that we have an amazing relationship. Even tho she is sincerely convinced that the arms attached to my bod y belong to someone else (cause she refuses to believe I would get tattoos on purpose) and she feels that my pants should be worn higher! Yeah Right lady! Dream on! Lol, But that's my heart. God knows I appreciate everyday he gives me with her in my life.

^I swear this is the only person that can make^
me smile my actual smile!

^Us 24 years ago^

^Found this while looking for another pic of^
OG and me in the archives....
Rudy Had to be a year old so I had to be about 5.

^Thanksgiving 2010^
I believe.... But def TG, I remember my sweater.
Freakin love this kid!

^Look at Grandma's house wear tho!^
There's not a grandma in the world with more swag than mine!

In conclusion, I Effin love my grandma and she has more swag than yours! That is all! Lol

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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Roxanna said...

LMBO @ She has more swag than yours! Pics almost drew a tear... Had there been about 2 or 3 more - I woulda been bawling! Love you grandma!!! <3