Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post no. 207 (Post Birthday Re-Cap)

Allllrrright! So, What's going on Bull Penners?
You're favorite blogger has been 24 for about 46 hours or so now. How'd it go. Lol I gotchu. Pull up a seat.

Saturday night:
August 13th, 10:45pm
Mylez had been promoting for a party at Honey Lounge so that's where it was for the night. There was a BBQ going on in my back yard, but I was not in attendance. I was in my room sleeping in a planking position lol. Trying to get some rest before showtime. When I woke up I made it my business to go to the back and get a plate of "Imma drink heavy tonight so let me get some food" food. I came back upstairs, took Juno for a walk and hit the shower shortly after. I had my outfit ironed and laid out on my bed since around 5:30 (Could you tell I was excited? Lol) and I NEVER Iron clothes, yeah I know, call me what you want, my shit be clean lol. Anyway, 11:20 came around and I put on my fly ass threads and walked up to Mylez crib. We chilled for a minute while we waited for our ride. 12:00 came through and already the texts and calls were comin in.... Damn I'm loved. Buddy forgot his watch at my crib so we came back down the block, where my mom, uncle, brother and cousin sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Lol. So Penny showed up and we got in the car, went to go get Eish and headed downtown.

A lil more than half way there it began to pour like nobody's business... I'm talkin movie rain, But it literally rains on my birthday EVERY year. By now I've learned to embrace it. Plus that aint stop nobody. We got downtown and met up with the team, but not before we dealt with the gayest faggot security/bouncer nigga I've ever encountered. Lol I wish I had gotten his name so I can put his ass on blast, but whatever, we not tryna kill the happy mood right?
I walked in and met Perse, Sue, H, Jayo, and his lady. Shit was real live. H treated me to a cup of my favorite: Patron and Red Bull.. MMMMMMMMmmm! lolol. Shortyl after Chris showed up with Kay, Jasmine and Jason, How real was that I really appreciated them showin up.
Chris proceeded to buy me about 3 cups of Patron and Red Bull and Buddy bought me about 2. Lol Have you lost track of the amount of drinks? Lol You do the math. So the party went on I danced with this mystery faced chick with thee softest ass! Lolol. I think it was about 2:45-3:00 when Khaya showed up. So the party was poppin, I enjoyed myself and the night came to an end....

^First Shot (Picture and drink)^
of the night.
This Patron however is not recommended. 

^I pulled off^
red denim very well 
If I say so Myself!

^Now, What's my Name?^

^You are now in the presence of some^
smooth Criminals!

August 14th, 11:34
I'm waking up real early these days.... I woke up to the sound of heavy rain hitting my air conditioner, and a gloomy grey light carefully creeping through the curtains. I thought to myself: "The Rain doesn't change the fact that it's my birthday. God blessed me with this day and I'm gonna enjoy it rain and all!" Thank You Lord!
So I chilled around my room for a while til I logged on to 'All the Parties' to see how many pictures I ended up in last night. I saw em laughed and got up to get my day started. Buddy hit me up and told me that he was going to the lab later on that night, so I figured I'd go too. Like I said the rain aint stoppin nobody, imma go chill with my niggas. So Mylez showed up, me and Rudy got in the car and were on our way.
When we got to Perse crib everything seemed normal, I walked to the top of the steps and tried to get into the studio. Opened the door..... and...... SURPRISE! Ya should have seen the look on my face. LOL! I swear I should kick myself for not seeing it. But these people get me EVERY year! I'm not playin they did the same thing last year at the same place lolol. But I loved it and I was sincerely surprised. I was more surprised at how they planned it last minute, but it worked out real well.

Reg and Stace came through, Perse and Sue of course, H swung by, Che came through, Penny of course and a second surprise also showed up. I know what you thinkin: "Oh shit! they got you a stripper?!" Lol, nah, no naked bitches for me (At least not there) lol, my cuz Kessler who is in town from Miami came through and with a bottle of Gold Patron! Wow! Lol ya kknow I'm a lil borderline alchy so that just topped the night of so well! We all had shots and cracked jokes for the rest of the night. Came home and had a great "Brother's talkin" convo with my lil bros.

^Love the Sign in the lab^

^I don't know who took this pic^
but I like it.

^No caption needed!^
But doesn't this remind you of this?

All in all I got everything I wanted for my birthday! My Family!
To all of you who came out to celebrate it with me, to all those who planned it and to basically all of ya, thanks a Mil man! I Love ya and appreciate ya more than I can explain.

To my mom, my uncle Elvis, Samantha, Ieisha, Buddy, Perse, Sue, Jayo, H, Penny, Chris, Kay, Jasmine, Jason, Khaya, Rudy, Keith, Che, Kess, Reg, Stace, D who came through today to kick it with me, even Momo and Jordae, this weekend was poppin yo! And I have ya to thank for it. I can't say "thank you" enough man! And I know there's only much better to come for all of us! See ya in Vegas next year! AAAOOOWWW!!!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!

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