Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of Summer?

Lol, it might as well be right?

Well I gotta say, I didn't document all of it, but take that as proof that I've been out and about loving the season like it'll never be back.

I didn't do as many photo shoots as I wanted to, but I did capture every image and memorable moment in my head. I got to go to the beach, cookouts, trips to the flicks, 6 Flags twice and of course, chilled with "Babe" she's so Lovely! lolol. More than anything I got to spend my time with the best people on this planet, my family and close friends.

 ^This is the first time we went back in June^
Me and Mylez
Deana and Big Sis Eish

Ry Play came home from school and you already know we were out and about runnin the city. Me and my partner in crime Buddy were all over the place, linked up with one of my favorite cuzzo's Capital H and did an anniversary photo shoot that he decided to call "The Introduction."

 ^I gotta admit the man been Bossin before that^
Fat Rapper nigga with the Beard! lol.
^Capital H^
The Introduction.
I swear I love my cuzzo man!

And since I haven't publicly admitted it, here it goes........................ I've decided that I am getting back into the sneaker game... Lol, what the hell did you think I was gonna say? Yeah man, a few people forgot when I was the Jordan of this game, so it's only right I throw on the Jersey with the 45 on it and scrape these Indiana Pacer niggas and drop a quick 19 just to remind em that "I'm baaack!" Lol, lil basketball analogy, I wouldn't expect most of ya to know what the eff I'm talkin bout, I'm sure Buddy and my man Pazo know what I'm sayin tho... lol
But yeah, I bought 2 (almost 3) pairs this month and those are the first pairs of sneakers I've purchased in God knows how long.

 ^Somethin Light, Literally^

^DS QS Air Max 1's^
Love these joints!

This summer also marks the summer I became a bit of a Chess junkie, I've known how to play the game for a few years now but I've never been good at it. My lil brother taught me and I never beat him till now! # times at that! AAOOWW! Watch out for me, if you thought I was a problem in life before..... lol

 ^Not our Game^
but I took this pic of my brother and homies game!
Lil bro Got homie stuck! lol

I saw my cousin Vic for the first time in (I think) 12 years! Crazy right? Did a dope photo Shoot with him in Harlem and did as much catchin up as we could in a time span of a hour and a half or so.

 ^I love this Pic, he looks just like our^
Grandfather, Same pose and everything! lol

Also, FINALLY did a Shoot with my bro Dwayne (@Deascent) About effin time he asked me! lol. You know I got you bruh man!
^Still Jealous of those tats^

And who could forget my big brother Joe's Bday! No words! but if you missed it you should know it was a ZOO!


^I told you it was a Zoo right?^
IDK how this Elephant got in, but she was movin that Donkey!
Don't look at me like that "Fat Bitches need love too Craig!" Lmfao

Did I miss anything? MY BIRTHDAAAAAAY! I know I already posted a Blog about it but man, the celebration lasted for about 6 or 7 days! Oh man! 23 is gonna be a good year.... My boobies Steph and Sash took me to Red Lobster and to my first (hides face in shame) Yankee game, and the niggas won 9-5 against Detroit? What? Amazing birthday gift man! shit was amazing, thanks Ladies. And of course shout out to the surprise Strippers! AAAAOOOOWWWW!!
But to all of you who made it memorable (too many of ya to name and I don't wanna forget anyone -- so ya know who ya are) Thank You a Million times over man. I love all of ya!Dirt and Che, ya didn't show up in pics but ya was there and I effin love ya for that!

 ^The CookOut was way Poppin!^
Sue, that food was Amazing!

 ^Birthday Gift from my lovely Cuzzo Lin^

^Shout outs to this Nigga on his 80's Hustler Stuntin Level Shit!^
Drinkin Moet straight out the Bottle through a fuckin Straw! lol
I Love you bruh! lolol

^My parents gave me a brother who I love like Crazy!^
But God felt a few more couldn't hurt! I Love ya meng!

^Look at my cuzzos beautiful Self^

^Lin and Julie^
Where did Bianka go?


Oh and I cannot forget my Brother P.B.M's (Big Reg) Birthday today! HAPPY EFFIN BIRTHDAY BROTHER! May god Bless you with many more!

I'm surprised I didn't get a Tattoo this summer, but that's a whole different post in itself. So stay tuned for that... You know there's a few nights I forgot right? But its all good cause I can't forget the people I spent those nights with. So my Summer? It was friggin GREAT! How was yours?

But Yeah man! Summer was Effin Dope son! EFFIN DOPE!

Stay Up and Stay Tuned
-Summer (wrap-up) in NYC-

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