Sunday, August 15, 2010

23rd Anniversary Edition


People, People, People.
Wow man, I'm at a lost for words, and ya know that's hard for me. Lol.

First and foremost I want to thank God for not only waking me up yesterday but for also allowing me to reach my 23rd birthday. Its not something he had to do but he did and I am eternally grateful for that.

And I would also LOVE to thank all of you who took the time to text me, call me, send me a BBM message (a few of you even shouted me out in your status messages,) & those of you who left a comment on my wall on FaceBook to wish me a Happy Birthday. Honestly I cannot begin to express to you how grateful I am for every last one of you. Family, friends, friends of friends, ALL of you. I was floored by the love I received yesterday.

It began before 12am when a few people (who shall remain nameless lol) called to wish me a Happy Birthday CHEATERS! Lolol. But that just shows me how much people care for me that they want to be the first to say it lol. But throughout the day I was told Happy Birthday so much that it began to get hard thinking of a response that wasn't so generic like "Thanks I appreciate it" lol. For real ya, I really do, but I couldn't think of anything more in depth to show my gratitude, so that's why I came up with the idea to thank everyone via Blog post. And I figured this could also serve as a platform to let ya know what I've done so far, cause you know that the celebration has not yet ended.

^This is the "You Missed it" flier^

So at 12am, I was already dressed and ready to meet with the fellas. We were headed to Katra to party it up with Joe but we didn't get in. To be honest with you though I didn't mind cause I was with my boys and the laughter was non-stop! So we headed back home round 5ish or so and I went to sleep ready for the avalanche of birthday wishes to come in. Lol.

Sure enough I woke up and my phone had a few unread Texts and BBM's. I felt so humbled and loved. Later on I got up and went to see Ang, my barber, and got my first haircut as a 23 year old man. When that was done with I walked back to the train and headed back home to pick up my camera en-route to Buddy's crib. When I got there I chilled for a minute with him and Ryan and we get ready to head to Perse's crib for a cookout. All my peoples (minus a few) showed up to show love. Even my big sis Eish came through. So around evening while I was gettin my ass handed to me in a game of Spades the surprise birthday cake came out! LOLOL. Ayo man, lemme tell ya that I haven't had a birthday cake in idk how long. They sang Happy Birthday to me, put cake all on my face, I Thanked them all, and we got back to partying lol. So after a few drinks and discussions (about Lebron James and sports. Lol) we all headed home and now here I am.

Again, to those of yo who hit me up to wish me a Happy Birthday, for real thank you! It meant more to me and will always mean more to me than I can begin to put into words. To my family and friends I love ya! I mean that, every year whether or not I have candles to blow out all I wish for is to be surrounded by ya. I'm so glad that ya took the time out to chill with me. I can't thank you enough.

As for part 3 tonight! Lol, you gonna have to.....

Stay Up and Stay Tuned!
-Summer in NYC-


BrookiiBrooke said...

didn't know it was ur bday yesterday but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! live it up n be good or be good at it! lol


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