Thursday, August 12, 2010


Funny how such a great day can be topped off with such Bullshit and Fuckery, don't you agree? I gotta admit, I may be able to hide it and put on an amazing act for the world, but the people who really know me, know how to push my fuckin buttons man! And I'm the dickhead who gives em the satisfaction....

I think I'll give this one to you in list form too!

  • For starters, shout outs to the future Mrs. Bull! She calls me by my real name and all that! That's so real.
  • I neeeeeeever eeeeeeeeever wanted to be anyones Role Model. I know sometimes its inevitable but really I am not a Role Model, I don't want to be a Role Model, and if I am your Role Model you might wanna reconsider your options.
  • I hate when people can't take jokes, especially when they are HUGE court jesters.
  • If you gonna dish it all out I hope you can take it when its thrown back atchu!
  • Two days til my birthday and I have no idea what I wanna do, original plans didn't go through cause some people spoke before they thought, and recent plans (which I was hype for) won't happen because the timin wasn't right
I could easily explain to ya where all this shit is coming from and maybe one day I will, but right now I just have to get it off my chest before it weighs me down in my sleep!

Night niggas!
Stay Up and Stay Tuned

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