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Happy Tattoo Appreciation Day!

Whats good ya'll? Aight, most of ya know my style, I'm a real go with the flow, tend to move on a whim type of dude, Plannin is coo for somethings, but when it comes to most things (Especially my blog) there's never much planning. So today is no different!

After thinking about Tattoos (which for some strange reason I do a lot) I thought "I should do another tattoo post." But damn, I don't wanna keep boring my readers with the same ol stories all the time. So I stared into space until the light bulb over my head lit up and I thought "I got it--imma give back to the readers (Twitter and Facebook fam & general readers) and make the post about them"

So what I decided to do was have people send me pics of their favorite Tattoo(s) and and share their stories with the people. So without further a due, I bring to you a few Tattoo Stories from a few people I know.

Age: 22

^I know ya just saw this Pic the other day but So what?^

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
Deascent: I was 18 when I got my 1st tattoo(s) The South Bronx Ones 

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Deascent: These are my favorite tats because they are my 1st and they are I feel the tats that defines me the best because I LOVE my hometown and plus its very influential to my music coming from the South Bronx.

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment? 
Deascent: I feel right now tats are more of a fad than a statement of being an individual. I see people copying celebrity tats just bcuz they r trendy I think tattoos should mean something to the person getting them.  

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Deascent: I plan on gettin more in the near future

TBP: Who is/are your artist(s)?
Deascent: Most of my work was done by this artist Manny but I am currently looking for a new artist.

Age: 22 
Part Time Lady Killer/Full time AssHole

^ "Pain is Love" ^
Aint that the truth?
 On Inner left Upper Arm.

The tats on my inner
It says "pain Is love" in Arabic
Its my favorite tat cause when I got it I was going through some tough times. So the quote and the action of getting it was like a release so to speak.

Rafael Caraballo aka Revolversfresh aka Double R aka Ralfy Revolver
Age 27 Bronx NYC
Tatto Artist

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Double R: 
     -I was 20 when I got my first Tattoo, I almost got one the moment I turned 18
     - but decided to wait a little longer to make sure I wouldn't regret it.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Double R:
     I love all my tattoos equally - for the most part they all represent an obstacle I overcame,
    an important memory I wanted to Lock in Forever..

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Double R:
     I think the game is Crazy right now, so much Talent in this field it's not even funny
     I still have a LOOOOONG way to go, but I'm enjoying the Road...

     You also have a lot of cats trying to jump on the bandwagon ....
      these dudes should never touch a tattoo machine... This profession is suppose to be
      about art... about giving good permanent art to people... it's not a trend
      or a One-Up to try and get Women... those Tattooers make me sick..

 TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Double R:
     I still need to finish my back, the back of my calves, my left Rib and a pocket or two in my left
     Arm... after those minor things are completed I'm taking a big break, I just want to focus
     More on perfecting my Craft, I also want to get into Oil Painting again...
     By that time I'll be inspired to get something else...

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Double R:
    I've had the honor to be Tattooed by some of the best including
     Erick Diaz ...
     Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites...
     Mikey Valentine
     and I've tattooed myself
     So I have a mix of flavor and contributors ... I'm a lucky Guy!

if you wanna check out more of my illustrations and tattoo work check out

Miss Danger
Age: 23

 ^Down her ForeArm^

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Miss Danger:  I got my first tat as an 18th birthday gift from my mom. It's a devil with angel wings and a halo flipping the bird on my lower back. Sounds pretty ordinary but there's a lot behind it. First of all, my dad was in the Navy during Vietnam. The devil in the tat is a cartoon from Harvey Comics in the 50's named Hot Stuff. A lot of old school Navy guys have him. So I got him with a new school spin. The angel/devil combo comes from me and my sister. In some ways we are a lot a like but she's the good one-I have a big heart but I'm the one with the attitude and I get myself into trouble a lot-So it just fit.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Miss Danger:
My newest one is my favorite. 3 out of 4 kinda run on the same theme. "Dangerous" with a heart on my arm, Devil/angel on my back, Lotus on my ankle. The lotus sums it up the most. Pretty on the outside but if handled improperly it can kill you. So I like those cause I feel like they define me. But, my fourth one is more sentimental. I had to put my childhood dog down a few years ago. She was 15 and I had her since I was 5. So I got her collar with the words "All Dogs Go to Heaven" on my shoulder.

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Miss Danger: I love that it's growing more acceptable to chicks to be girly and have a full sleeve. I can't stand when people don't put thought into the artist that they are going to or even what they are going to get.  It's got to mean something. Most importantly-it doesn't have to make sense to everyone else it just has to mean something real to you.

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Miss Danger: My arm was the first step into decent size pieces. A definite future tat is going to involve lyrics from a song on my ribs. Also, thinking about going from my foot to my shin and ca;f but I haven't had any inspiration for that one yet.

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Miss Danger: My artist is actually my sister's Ex-Boyfriend. For personal reasons I'm not gonna give his name on here but feel free to get in contact with me for it. He did two of my tats when he was still an apprentice. He tattooed at a few places on Long Island, then Norway, now he's in Atlanta and has made a pretty big name for himself. When he comes up to NY he always e-mails me to see if I need work done. But like I said, for personal reasons, I'm gonna be looking for a new artist.

Age: 25
Cosmetologist/CIA Operative/Bodega owner

What's up's my little story...
My name is Shurri, but most call me Reese, and I got my first tattoo back in 2007 when I was 22 years old. I had been plotting on what to get since I was about 17 years old but never went through with anything because I didn't want to regret my decision. 
I was raised by my grandparents and they are the closest people to my heart besides my mama. In 1996, my grandfather died from cancer, and in 2007 my grandmother passed from lifelong complications with heart disease and diabetes. I wanted to do a memorial tattoo but I didn't want one of  those RIP joints so I decided to get something beautiful that would represent our entire family. 
I ended up with a large lotus flower which represents my family, and 2 hovering butterflies to symbolize my grandparents always watching over us from Heaven. I got it on my right wrist because that's the arm that crosses your heart. Cheesy..but I love it lol.
This is my only tattoo as of now, but I have plans for at LEAST 12 more. 13 being my lucky number. I feel like people now get tattoos because they see their favorite celebrity do it, or as a fad. I wish I could shake the mess out of some of these teens I see with stupid tattoos. That's permanent, you get to look at your "I love Justin Beiber" nonsense for the rest of your life, OR the scar from laser removal surgery..smh. 
My tattoo (and future tats) was done by Miguel Prada at Body and Soul Tattoos II in Jersey City, NJ. There's a new location in NY as well.

Age: 20

^ "Well behaved women rarely make History" ^

At 18 I made my tribute to my fallen angel. I decided to dedicate my 1st tattoo to my Nana, Linda. My Favorite Tattoo by far is on my back and reads "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" by way of Marilyn Monroe (love her). Following rules, living scared, and being quiet doesn't change lives, or make headlines. Rosa parks and Harriet Tubman Change Lives by "misbehaving". So I'll continue to be a bad girl! Tattoos are more than skin decoration, they are truly self expression pieces, meanings behind the ink but on the skin, the person inside decorated on the surface. I am DEF not done with my tattoos. My dreams is to have my back to my right shoulder covered. I'm getting there slowly but I'm content with what I have for now. I owe my painful pleasure addiction to Eric at Cheap Thrills Tattoo Parlor bka Concrete Jungle. Love him!

Mom/FreeThinker/Neurology Unit Staff Assistant

 ^So Dope!^
Hope she invites me to the next session so I 
can take pics and document the day.

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Yadi: 15 years old, In Santiago de cali Colombia ..... I was on vacation ( my parents sent us every summer since we were able to fly alone) I stayed with cousins and since we had a spending allowance ... i just did nothing for the week and scouted out a tattoo artist ........ he did my upper right shoulder blade with a silo of a rose ever so dainty and oh so rebellious. it means something to me it represents my family the year that i truly gained a love for my country and who i was developing into
I wore a halter top on the flight back to NYC .... i figured they are gonna find out eventually.

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Yadi: Its not my favorite but its def not not one that i cover up ..... i'm having pieces added right now but i wont ever cover it up even though the color isn't too great now

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Yadi: Everyone is doing tattoos most aren't too talented some are too cheap and ppl go to them because they are just that CHEAP. People are getting tattoos for the wrong reasons and they don't love what the end up getting which is why the cover up business is booming right now

TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done?
Yadi: I don't see myself stopping anytime soon ...  i have so many idea. some i give away as designs some to friends just in conversation and some i keep for myself

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Yadi: I have two that I favor
phat kat @ phatkat ink in queens new york (Astoria to be exact) he has the worst disposition is super cranky once told my friend off while we where in the shop cuz she was being a whiney girl but i love him to death and his shading is so on point all can be forgiven any one that sees my lower back side piece can vouch phat kats the truth. plus hes Colombian .. yup im Colombian too
Noa @ Noas ink (he work from home) like any tattoo artist he is so cocky and to top it off he bring the sexy up in the tattoo game cuz that man is sexy LOL but his artist ability sets him apart from practically all ive' met .... skill takes over when its time to work .... ask him to sketch and he doesn't need hours he"ll do it right in front of u .. its that serious 

Destiny Star
Age: 29
Day Care Supervisor

^I'm such a sucker for a girl with Sleeves^

1.I got my first tatt at 24 haven't stopped yet!

2.I love all my tatts don't regret not one of em but my favorite is tha one on my chest "MY LIFE" it has so my personal reason but its sums up everythin in two words!

3.My view on tha tatt game at tha moment is this some people do shit for attention get pointless tatts cuz they think it looks kool I do this cuz I love tha art makes me different from tha rest to see my tatts is to understand me!I'm that type that wants to prove a point if a nigga can do it so can I it doesn't mean I'm ghetto or hood I'm very lady like n tha tatts don't make me I make em! People shouldn't be so quick to judge a book for its cover take tha time to read cuz you never know ones story
This is not game to me it my Passion!

4.Hell na I aint done even throu I'm on 40something still got room pain is pleasure baby lol

5.I have two artists they brothers RICH N SPENA they shop is called "UPTOWN TATTOOs" located in Harlem, NY 125th bet. 7th n 8th ave next to tha Apollo

Age: 22
Pre-school Teacher

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 
Bebe: I think I just turned 18, it was the word " Peace" on my left wrist.
TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites? 
Bebe: "Love Life' has been one of my favorites. It was a tattoo that I saw on someone else and  decided to put a spin on it and have it represent my life. There were times growing up where I had to endure struggles and in turn I hated my life because of it. I didn't understand why I had to go through certain obstacles.This tattoo allows me to be grateful for my life and in turn try to see the bright side of things and know that I will always defeat the negativity around me. I also love my bows, they were spontaneous. I'm not very " girly" and just throw on whatever's comfortable.. The bows represent being feminine and young.
TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment? 
Bebe: I'd love to think there are people out there getting tattoos for the right reason...meaning they are getting them for themselves and not because it's the " cool" thing.
TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done? 
Bebe: Def getting more. I have so many tattoos are my babies.
TBP: Who is/are your artist? 
Bebe: I go to random people. I want to find a stable spot where I can go regularly. Hopefully that'll happen sooner than later. 

Age: 22
Part time student/Full time employee.

1. 19 when i got my first tattoo. the tattoo in the picture above was my second tattoo and i got it at 21.

2. this is my favorite tattoo because it has more meaning than my other two. its very simple. it means "believe" in Hebrew. Hebrew is one of my favorite languages, though i cannot speak nor understand it. i didnt want a tattoo in plain English because, to me, it's boring. this tattoo is a daily reminder that i will succeed in life and accomplish all of my dreams and goals.

3. well, i think tattoos have grown very much in popularity but people are getting tattoos for all of the wrong reasons. i dont think it is purposely just to decorate your body because you "feel like it" or are bored. being that they are permanent, they should be of significance.

4. i plan on getting more, yes. i already know what my next four will be!

5. my artist is Anderson from Black Ink Gallery in Harlem. (@blackinkgallery)
Michelleeee ♥
Age: 25
Famous Graffiti Artist

TBP: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Zeroes: I got my first tat when I was 18 it's on my left upper back it says W.B

TBP: Why is this one/are these your favorites?
Zeroes: My sleeve itself defines who I am a random person but I bring meaning to alot of things

TBP: What are your views on the Tattoo game at the current moment?
Zeroes: I wish I wouldve waited all these amazing new artist out here make me feel bad lol
TBP: Do you plan on getting more or are you done? 
Zeroes: I'm going to be a walking canvas man 

TBP: Who is/are your artist?
Zeroes: RANE he's from tattoo Asylum on Tremont one and only artist.

Age: 20
Full time Med Student
^ Carpe Diem ^

1) I got my first tattoo exactly on my 16th birthday.

2) This is one of my favorite tattoos because of its Definition: Carpe Diem: to seize the day. I live my life one day at a time and I make sure I live every day as if it were my last. No regrets, many mistakes and lessons learned.

3) The tattoo game is at its peak, its only going to get bigger. These days everyone is tatted. Tattoos are new found beauty... watch it grow.

4) My body isn't covered so I am not nowhere near done.

5) My artist are Lucky from Harlem and whomever work captures my eye. If its worth the money; INK ME.

Age: 24
Dance Teacher/ Dancer
1. I was 21 when I got my first tat
2. This one is my favorite because I was sooo nervous and I thought i was going to hurt but it really didn't, I enjoyed getting it and in addition to that, the colors are very vivid.
3. I think that people getting tattoos should really have some meaning behind it, I am not a fan of someone being completely sleeved up with 1000 meaningless tattoos, it should be a collection of something worth while or something you built up
4. Yes I plan on getting 2 more tattoos and that's it, unless someone really close to me dies and I am feeling inclined to honor them
5. His name is TRUTH and he does tats at this place on Jamaica Ave. I can't think of the spot though

Not much more I can say. I hope that this post show all those out there with negative views on tattoos that all different people from all different walks of life get tattooed. Thank you so much to those of ya who participated and allowed me to interview them. Some people didn't make it unfortunaely due to bandwith availability and timing but there will be a Part 2. For now thanks, and if you have any qeustions for anyone who submitted here leave it in the comments.

take care folks!
Stay up and Stay tuned.


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