Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Wonder Land


First off, whats goin on ya'll? As I'm sure you can see I am hype. I'm sure your wondering, "Why is he so hype?" I'll tell you why. I just got back from working with my home girl Agie (Pronounced A' jee) and she modeled her ass off in the snow for me and Candace (my camera!)

Originally the idea came to me to do a photo shoot sometime after the first major snowfall earlier in the year/late last year. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and neither did it happen after the next snowfall, so after the blizzard we had last week I was determined to do it. Agie had told me on Twitter that she wanted some new pics, so immediately I knew she would be the one to help me execute my idea! Amongst my ideas was one of a Model in the cold Winter in control of a big dog! Immediately my nephew (my cousin's dog) Bronx came to mind. I could have used juno but her color is not as solid as Bronx' is and she is not as well behaved as he is.

Bronx is a beautiful 2 yr. old red nosed Pitbull, with Greenish Yellow eyes and he has to weigh AT LEAST 85 lbs.

I asked Agie if she was scarred of dogs, in particular large Pitbulls lol, she told me yes but then asked if he bites, After telling her that he didn't she was a lil more confident working with him. When she met him at first it was hard for her to shake off her fear of such an intimidating looking dog, I don't blame her, I know grown men that wouldn't have stood next to him. But Agie was a soldier! Thanks again Agie. So here are some of the pics so far:

^^ Agie and Bronx ^^
(Click pic to see Biger)

^^ Agie again ^^

^^ Lady in Red ^^

I love the contrast that is created by the red coat in the blue and white winter background!
And that's it for now, there's a whole bunch more, but you know i like to tease ya'll!
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So stay Up and Stay Tuned for more!

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