Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Premier -- BX Boyz

Whats Goin on Bull Penners, first and foremost I cannot begin to thank everyone who has been loggin on and readin my posts. I've repeatedly mentioned that I started my blog so that I can vent and that its more therapeutic for me than anything. So to know that I am being listened to by all of you is beyond highly appreciated.

With all that being said I got another treat for ya! We all know I'm a true New Yorker, Born and raised. More specifically I am a Bronx Boy Baby! Bronx Bomber til the casket drops no matter where I ever move to. The Bronx, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the birthplace of dem BX Boyz--BXL: By now you may and should know who they are... They go by the names Buddy Mylez, Joe Dirt, and Severe Persy Jones! They back with another one for ya, allow them to re introduce themselves with their new song and video.

BXL - BX Boyz

Dope Right? Reminiscent of real Hip-Hop!

I want ya to interact with them, not only am I a true fan, but these guys are all my big brothers! Follow them on Twitter -

Buddy Mylez - @BuddyMylez
Joe Dirt - @JoeDirt730
Severe Persy Jones - @SevereJones
BXL - @BXLMusic

Not only the Bronx, but real Hip-Hop is back!
Stay up and Stay Tuned!

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