Sunday, February 7, 2010

And her Name was...

What's goin on Bull Penners. Today I want to talk to ya about a bitch I know. Please believe me when I tell you I try my hardest to avoid the use of that word unless the bitch in question is Juno my dog. But sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and the bitch I'm talking about today is named Rejection. I'm sure many of you have met her once or twice.

For me I met her at a young age.....
You see I wasn't always the seemingly confident, and somewhat cocky, smooth talker I am today, and I guess in part I have Rejection to thank for that. I used to be the shy quiet type that would see a girl I liked and would just sit and hope that the words to say would come to me in my ear and I'd deliver them well enough to make her melt. So needless to say I spent many years with crushes who I did nothing with. So whenever I would work up the courage to go say "Hey, what's up?" It was awkward and I'd probably shake and maybe stutter or ruin it somehow. Lol. Damn, looking back I laugh cause I would be so nervous and now I think: "what the hell for?" But anyway, this lead to a lot of rejection, either my approach was all wrong, or I became friends with the girls I liked and by the time I dropped the bomb on them that I liked them I would be hit with the: "But we're just friends" or "I'm sorry Ed, I don't like you like that" and just like that I'd run face first into a wall and that "Friendship would be over faster than it started. So what did I do? I built an immunity, before you knew it getting shut down was just a part of my game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, because it taught me all the things NOT to do. So of course with the help of all my big Brothers, and my own personal experience, I began to develop my confident ways. Safe to say that after the first two or three girls that I so easily bagged it all started becoming second nature. So why do I still hold a grudge with Rejection and call her a bitch. I'll tell you why she hit me with the remix not too long ago. Lol.

We all know its Human nature to want the person who wants nothing to do with us, and ignore the one who's heart beats for us. And I can say I've know been on both sides of that coin, Rejection showed her ugly face again, but this time she waited a while. Rejection waited for me to become friends with Acceptance. Allow me to tell you how.

See after all these years, and it has been quite a few, I found myself dealing with a young lady that I liked very much. Things were going great and we were enjoying each others company, but after a few months and one night in particular (don't worry bout what happened you nosey bastards lol) I was hit with the "This is not gonna work-but we can still be friends" lolol. WHAT?! C'mon sweetheart I know what "we can still be friends" means. Now had this been told to me on our initial meeting, or even a few days in, I would have thought nothing of it--but this time around I was Rejected (with no warning) AFTER things had been goin well. So although this wasn't my girlfriend, (which is even more reason for me not to care at all) I looked at this as being dumped, and not having happened before, even with my ex it sorta took a toll on me. You expect to be dumped around 15 or 16 by your high school girlfriend, but to deal with it at 22 is like catching the Chicken Pox at 31, you pretty much wonder how the hell you made it this far without it and hope the feeling is over with quickly.

So anywho, this that's what I wanted to talk to ya about again. For those who are wondering or even care, I'm not bothered by the situation anymore, I just had to vent about it to finally get it off my chest.

I'm back to normal now, not caring about much, being the smooth talker, and being successful with the never ending pursuit of pum. Lmao. And to Rejection, nice try hun, you almost had me, but I shook you off like I been doin for quite sometime. Better luck with the next chump bitch! Ha ha!

Stay Up Ya, and please Stay Tuned!


Kitty said...

i wanted to post a decent comment but i guess Uninspiration is a friend of Rejection ;) them bitches...I met them couple of times in my life, that R. bitch last time when I was 18 maybe so yeah, a long time ago... wonder what will i do if i meet her again ;)

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