Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Summer Summer Time

What's goin on folks?
Pull up a chair and gather around I wanna talk to ya'll for a lil bit.

So summer is coming up and that only means one thing round here (for me at least) PARTAAAAYY!!

LOL. Aight so first and foremost lets go back to our roots... where does all this excitement for the summer months come from? I'll tell you: School, grade school and Junior high to be exact. I'm bout to take ya'll back.... Remember the first day of June? You knew that at most you had about 20-25 days of school left and in those 20-25 days you weren't even gonna be doin much. Most likely you had a few tests here and there and after that it was freedom for 2 and a half to 3 months. Now you see me, I had summer school damn near EVERY year of my academic career, but even for me summer meant: "No more projects, No more books, No more teacher's dirty Looks!" AAOOWW. write that one down! this is back where nothing in the world mattered, so long as you could ride your bike every day, hang out with your friends outside, have icies and ice cream all day, run up and down like chickens with heads cut off, and waking up if and when you wanted to.

I remember, my mom used to leave for work and tell me to watch my brother, leave money for food on the table and tell me that she'd call from work every hour or so. My brother and I would head outside with our bikes and ride around like all adults had disappeared of the face of the Earth. Pretty much Summer is and should be like a real life Jimmy Neutron movie.

But see we're older now, we have jobs and there's no such thing as a Summer anthem anymore on the radio. We don't ride bikes anymore nor do we even wait for summer because chances are we're working all the way through it! It's all about the night life now, which is in part what is inspiring this Post. I just want it to be one of the best Summers yet. Plus my Birthday is on Aug. 14Th, so its only right I end the Summer with a bang!

I plan on kicking it off on Saturday for a July 4Th cookout where the fellas are supposed to be performing. All I want is to take a lot of pictures, chill with a lot of girls and consume a lot of liquor. lol.

With all that Said I'm making a list of all the things to make yours and my summer POPPIN this year:

1. Stay Cool... Wear some shorts and a T, it be hot as hell, leave the fashion for the evening.
2. Avoid confrontation. Someone bumped into you, let it slide you don't wanna end up in jail next to a bum in 93 degree (in the shade) weather
3. Find an Air Conditioned room and make some Love... It's amazing how relaxed you are after a good session!
4. Sleep till 3pm. Ain't much goin on before then anyway.
5. Attend a cookout or two
6. Appreciate the scenery. Girls wear less in the summer try and get you one. Fellas, this does not by any means mean be an animal.
7. Club nights one of the reasons we love Life. Tell the bartender to give you a Patron Straight on the Rocks.
8. Attend Eno's Annual "Big Ass Birthday party Bash Celebration Extravaganza"
9. Bump "Summertime" By The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff at least once a day all summer.

Taking it Back:
0. Have Some cereal for breakfast, remember that?
1. Go catch a Movie, I hear 'Harry Potter' got another Blockbuster on the way.
2. Go to the Pool and Beach, bring your sun block.

Print out this list and Check em off as you do em, and we're guaranteed to have a dope summer.No Caption necessary!

^See no. 6 on the List^
Oh Yeah Partna!

^The Prince and Jazzy Jeff^
Showin Us How it's Done!

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Jemeka said...

I love this post!! It's so fun!! Lol Like the list too..