Monday, July 6, 2009

Givin you a Visual

Aight folks, this one is simple. Here's what I wanna say:

Videos are gettin dumb whack. I was over here watching Birthday Sex by Jeremih. (A song I actually like btw) and I'm watchin this dude dodge the cooch being thrown at him like a 6th grader scared to lose his virginity.

Then you got The Dream and Kanye rippin off George Lucas for a low budget bad imitation of Star Wars for their "Walking on the Moon" video. Green Screen space ships and stary Galaxy backgrounds and such. What's wrong with these artist and directors?

Has anyone seen Drake fail on his video for 'Best I Ever Had'? LMAO... I must admit his lil jokes whenever the beat dropped were kinda funny but boy oh boy was that a whack video. If Kanye Directed that (I don't remember paying attention to the credits) then the complete opposite of Kudos to him. Sorry Yeezy.

Now I don't care if I already posted about this or not but "D.O.A(DEATH OF AUTO-TUNES) BY JAY-Z WOOOOO. Visually stunning, played out like a Movie, the haircut of the Blueprint 3 Afro at the End of it. Oh Man! That Video was just DOPE!

What ever happened to the Missy Videos? Remember Busta's video for 'Dangerous' with Spliff Starr as the white man resisting arrest and escaping? And 'Put Your hands Where my Eyes can See'? 'Mo Money 'Mo Problems'? And oh man, remember 'Victory'? Or anything Hype Williams and or Little X directed at their prime. Maybe I'm taking it too far back for all the young'ns out there. I mean these videos are for ya'll after all. So more recently, Remember the video for 'Touch the Sky' by Kanye, why couldn't he do something like that for Drake? You see there was a time where the video was more than just a bunch of girls runnin around showin thier goods (not that I dislike that) and niggas havin slow motion cameos in the club poppin bottles. Videos used to be the pairing of a great song with a 4 minute film/motion picture to further portray the image being expressed by the artist. I feel that the difference now (besides everyone being followers and no one being unique and creative individuals) is that the artist no longer has much say or input as to how the video should and or will be. Now the Director comes in, tells the artist which way it'll be and its a wrap from there. This can cause you to even begin to dislike the song you once loved due to the video being whack.

So yea that's my post, these videos are whack, now I remember why I don't watch them anymore. So all you Artist and Directors need to step it up. Artist, start voicing out and having more creative ideas, your paying for the video so you have all the right in the world to have it your way. Directors, your credit is being shown regardless of anything so don't go overboard, remember; sometimes simplicity is key.

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☆Reese✮ said...

AMEN! I haven't seen a really good music video in years!