Friday, July 31, 2009

Microwave Generation (Memory Lane)

So I've been told that's what its called.What's good folks I was talkin to Mylez over lunch yesterday and I mentioned a commercial to him. After explaining it to him he told me he hadn't seen it, I told him I had intentions of going to youtube, finding the link and sending it to him. Immediately I was sent into memory Lane.
The simple fact that Technology has made us so efficient yet so lazy was mind blowing to me. Think about it I can be in front of my computer (which 10-15 years ago not many people if any had) and I can go to various sites on the internet: I.E. (Yea its a shameless plug lmao, but so what its my site) and I can share that same link with someone via email. I can even post it on someone FaceBook, MySpace or any other networking site. That person than has the option: "Do I want to check my Email, FaceBook and Myspace through my computer or through my phone?" WHOA! Think about that folks, remember when people barely sent text message because it would add more charges to the bill? Now there's almost nothing that can't be done through your phone. In fact all the words you are reading and most of the words that you read here on this blog are first typed out and then emailed from my phone.
So had I been having that conversation with Mylez 10 years ago, I'd ask "Did you see this commercial?" And if he said "No" we'd have no choice but to wait till he saw it. But now I can simply copy and paste a link and send it to him to various internet accounts.
And remember pressing Play and Record at the same time when your favorite song came on the radio? Sure you do... remember, you would come home from school and you would hope and Pray that Angie Martinez or Funk Flex would play that song that you love, and if you didn't well 'tomorrow's another day'. Now we have LimeWire, JamGlue and Imeem. No more waiting, you hear a song you like all you need is the name (sometimes not even that, just the artist or a few words from the chorus) to download it and instantly drag it onto your iPod. Before you know it, the song you just fell in love with and heard for the first time today is the song your listening to all day.
Before I leave ya'll I wanna reminisce a lil more! This post even applies to Baggin! Remember a time when you saw a girl that you liked? She lived in your neighborhood (cause you weren't allowed to go past the last street light on the block) or went to your school (Cause that was the ONLY form of social networking you had) and you thought to yourself: "I gotta crush on her" lmao. What did you do? You went up to her started a lil small talk and eventually worked up enough nerve to ask her for her number (Her house number of course) she says Yes. What did you do now? You reached in your back pocket, got out ya lil PaperMate Pen and proceeded to hand it to her where she will then proceed to take your hand and wrote her number on your palm! OH SHIT LEMME TAKE YOU BACK! LOL! No (718) necessary cause back then all number were just 7 numbers strong. No area codes needed. So you were hype and you ran somewhere to find a piece of paper where you can write it down before ya sweaty palms erased the number! And from there you followed the (Hold on now--im bout to hit you with the "Oh Shit" effect) you followed the 3-Day Rule! OOOOHH SNAP! Remember that one? Lmao. If your not familiar with the 3-Day rule chances are you are not from my generation, lol. Then when you called she fronted like she wasn't waitin for that call for the past 72 hours? Like: "Whooo?, Ooooh, what's up?" She knew she made sure to stay in that day waiting for that call, and when she picked up you heard: "Hello--Ma, its alright I got it" Oh man!
These days are gone. If you bag a girl today, she's expecting a text in a few hours otherwise you fall into a pool of forgotten faces. Lol. Damn that was a good Post, leave ya comments folks. Tell me how much you miss those days. And feel free to add memories of your own


☆Reese✮ said...

Lol! really loving this post!

Ahh the good ol' days! I'm thinking back to when I had to tell a boy to get his sister or girl cousin to call me in case my grandmother picked up! Lol I wasn't allowed to have calls from boys til I was 15. And when I got caught on the phone too late the boy had to hang up quickly or I'd pretend "she" put me on hold lol!!

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